Ari Driscoll

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"The Son of the Eagle Messenger, dressed causually"
  • Player: Edward_Tohr
  • Name: Ari Driscoll.
  • Species or Race: Human?
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Mid-to-late twenties, early thirties.
  • Height: 1.9 Meters.
  • Weight: 84 Kilograms.
  • Hair color: Light brown and short.
  • Eye color: Left eye is red, right is blue.
  • Typical Clothing: Dark and formal.
  • Occupation: Special Forces.
  • Alignment: Lawful Serious.
  • Characteristic quote: "You are irrelevant to my mission. Stand aside."
  • Strengths: Excellent marksman, trained in the use of many weapons.
  • Weaknesses: Lightly armored.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Proficency with nearly every type of weapon, including martial arts.
  • Weaponry: Rifle-sized rail gun, Tesla Gun, naginiata, katana, grenade launcher, SMG, energy pike, ion cannon, claymore, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. Including his hands.
  • Likes: Successfully completing his missions.
  • Dislikes: Senseless violence, non-mission-critical personnel who obstruct him.
  • Text Color: Dark Blue

Very little is known about this man's origin, history, and motives.

The few snippets that have been revealed, however, show that he was a commander of a small special forces squad from an Earth-like world, trained for covert operations. Said squad boasted a perfect success rate, together with zero casualties. The particulars about the other members of the squad, as well as their missions or how Ari encountered the Boards, remain unknown.

Personality-wise, he has a strong focus on his duty, and prefers to spend his free time training at one of the Funky Horror's many, many shooting ranges. However, he can be found at the bar on very rare occasions.

Ari believes that proper planning can make the difference between a perfectly-executed mission and a crushing defeat, and most of his many, many successful missions have gone exactly according to his plan.

If something that he hasn't expected comes up, however, he is very capable of improvising, and has the ability to wield nearly anything he can get his hands on as an effective weapon. In addition to this, he is well-trained in various forms of martial arts.

He prefers to avoid overkill whenever possible, and, as such, tends to shun more powerful armaments in favor of more precise ones. That being said, he won't hesitate to utilize his rail canon or grenade launchers if the situation calls for it.

Being a very serious person, it will be interesting to see how the Board affects his sanity.

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