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The BoardieCon is a traditional event involving meetings between boardies.

The first BoardieCon took place in 2001, and was hosted by soleta.

The second BoardieCon was hosted by Mai-Li at her former place in Muskegon, Michigan. It was closely followed by a webcam.

The third BoardieCon took place at Aurora's place in Sacramento, California. This con set a precedent because it was the first one that was attented by Maritza Campos herself. Pictures are available at C's BoardieCon pages and Aurora's BoardieCon page.

The fourth BoardieCon, also called "BoardieCon: Europe" took place at MolTARE's place in Oxford, United Kingdom. Other plans for 2004 Boardie Conventions (in the USA and Australia) have been unsuccessful.

The fifth BoardieCon was also hosted by Aurora, together with her now husband Sartan Cat. It took place in Seattle, Washington.

The sixth BoardieCon was hosted by Dark Synfony and MolTare in 2006 at the Box R Ranch in Oregon.

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