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"Chartreuse, aged 5, by euphrosyne"
  • Player: Edward_Tohr
  • Name: Chartreuse (Full Name: Chartreuse Ochre Ophelia Tohr)
  • Species or Race: Human/Elemental.
  • Gender: Defaults to female.
  • Age: Varies. "Present" version is currently approximately five, while the "future" version is about sixteen.
  • Height: 5'4 (162.56 CM)
  • Weight: 120 pounds (54.43 kg)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Occupation: Edward Tohr's child, student.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Characteristic quote: "Hey, Daddy! Look what I learned! *pounces on Ed*"
  • Strengths: Cuteness, charm, fact that you'd have to be incredibly evil to hurt a young child. Powerful elemental magic.
  • Weaknesses: The fact that most of the Board's enemies are incredibly evil, and thus would specifically target the child. Inexperienced.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Elemental magic of all forms.
  • Weaponry: A dull kunai, given by Hyp3rB14d3.
  • Equipment: a magic wand, given by Captain Jordanson, POST necklace given by RamDragon, and a stain-resistant lab coat from Dorin.
  • Likes: Mommy and Daddy, playing Hide-and-Seek, hanging out with Voira and the Kent kids. Liku.
  • Dislikes: Being treated like a baby, homework, being sent to her room, Ed being overprotective.

Chartreuse is the child of Edward Tohr, after a funky and horrible accident wherein he was abducted by Tamarron-aliens, and subjected to some... experiments. A short while after being returned to the Boards, Ed gave birth to Chartreuse in true Alien fashion... the child literally burst out of his chest. The name was chosen by Euphrosyne, and her and Stardrake were named godparents after an incident which left Ed in jail, and Euphrosyne and Stardrake took custody of the child. Since then, she has been an object of much affection and speculation among the Boardies, the latter mostly involving around her "Tabula Rasa" state, although this has greatly diminished since she began to age. She seems to enjoy playing with Liku, despite the fact that the latter is much older than her. Her powers seem to be similar to Ed's on a superficial level, however closer analysis reveals that, although her father is capable of manipulating electromagnetic energy, she uses raw elemental power. Her growth and development began at a very accelerated rate, but has since been sporadic, both forwards and backwards. She has learned to always say "please" and "thank you", and refers to older Boardies as "Auntie" or "Uncle". Her personality alternates between "extremely shy" and "very outgoing", whichever one is cuter in the specific situation.

She cares deeply for Ed, just as he does for her. She is naturally curious, and will investigate anything that she hasn't encountered before... which can be troublesome, especially onboard the Funky Horror. Granted, her innate mastery of elemental magic does help her get out of many sticky situations.

One thing, perhaps the only thing, that seems to be constant with her is her love for mischief, a fact which Ed isn't surprised by. As long as she stays out of danger, though, he is content to chase her around the Funky Horror on her whim.

The remainder of her hobbies varies depending on her physical age, although causing trouble alongside Liku is fairly constant. While younger Chartreuse can often be seen playing hide-and-seek, as she matures she can be seen playing with Voira, Chris, Matt, Liku, and Mazuko Teneki's nieces and nephews, as well as practicing her magic, playing video games, and bugging Ed about finally being able to join a Warthread.

Needless to say, her father is... less than thrilled about the latter.

In an attempt to allow her to have some sort of a semblance of a normal social life, Ed enrolled Chartreuse in Starspire Academy, a school for mages, which has recently been discovered by the Boards. He hopes that she'll be able to find students her own age, without breaking the space-time continuum again.

Recently, there seem to be signs of attraction between her teenaged form and her lifetime friend Liku. Ed is presently unaware of this.

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