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"Chartreuse, aged 5, by euphrosyne"
  • Player: Edward_Tohr
  • Name: Chartreuse (Full Name: Chartreuse Ochre Ophelia Tohr)
  • Species or Race: Human/Elemental.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: Chronologically, was born three years ago. Physically, has aged to around twenty or so.
  • Height: 5'6 (168 CM)
  • Weight: 132 pounds (60 kg)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Occupation: Edward Tohr's child, student.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Characteristic quote: "Hey, Daddy! Look what I learned! *pounces on Ed*"
  • Strengths: Cuteness, charm. Very energetic. Powerful elemental magic.
  • Weaknesses: Inexperienced, weak defensive skills
  • Special Powers and Skills: Elemental magic of all forms.
  • Weaponry: A dull kunai, given by Hyp3rB14d3.
  • Equipment: a magic wand, given by Captain Jordanson, POST necklace given by RamDragon, and a stain-resistant lab coat from Dorin.
  • Likes: Mommy and Daddy, playing Hide-and-Seek, hanging out with Voira and the Kent kids. Liku.
  • Dislikes: Being treated like a baby, homework, being sent to her room, Ed being overprotective.
  • Text Color: Chartreuse, 9FA000 (Obviously. :P)


Early History

Chartreuse is the child of Edward Tohr, after a funky and horrible accident wherein he was abducted by Tamarron-aliens, and subjected to some... experiments. A short while after being returned to the Boards, Ed gave birth to Chartreuse in true Alien fashion... the child literally burst out of his chest. The name was chosen by Euphrosyne, and her and Stardrake were named godparents after an incident which left Ed in jail, and Euphrosyne and Stardrake took custody of the child. Since then, she has been an object of much affection and speculation among the Boardies, the latter mostly involving around her "Tabula Rasa" state, although this has greatly diminished since she began to age.

Recent History

Due to both her accelerated aging, as well as her time spent on the Boards, Char didn't have anything like a normal childhood. Contrary to Ed's beliefs, growing up without a constant mother hasn't upset her very much, due to her abundance of "Aunties".

Hoping to help her learn to channel and control her powers, Ed sent her off to Starspire Academy with a few other Boardies. He expects her to do well, due to her natural talent.

Having played with Liku almost since she has been able to understand the concept of "Playmate", the two of them quickly became friends. Over time, as Char grew, that friendship turned into a crush, which became requited during the incident when Ed's personality became lost in the bar. Their relationship only grew stronger, and the two are engaged to be married.

Her rapid aging seems to have settled down, leaving her in a young adult body.


Chartreuse is very curious and inquisitive, but also polite. Her personality tends to shift to whichever would be cutest in the current situation. She shares her father's predeliction for only being serious when absolutely necessary.

She is very mischevious, a trait which no doubt explains why she spends so much time with Liku, Voira, and the Kents.

Like her father, she is very much into technology.

She cares for all of her family and friends very deeply,

Combat Notes

On a superficial level, many of Char's abilities seem similar to Ed's. However, once examined closely, the differences reveal themselves. A master of all elemental magic, she has a preference for Air, after being Imbuned with that element at Starspire academy. She prefers to attack with beams of light, but can mount an offensive with anything at her disposal.

Offsetting her incredible offensive capabilities is her diminished ability to defend herself. Neither physically tough, nor able to speed herself up like her father, any attacks that she cannot block with her magic prove to be very dangerous for her.

Other Notes

Char still considers Bea a mother to her, despite the brevity of the time her and Ed had dated.

Char seems to be one of the only people Eduarda is genuinely nice to.

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