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the Technomagus

Appearance: Standing a quaint 5'9", Echo looks like a normal girl with hair dyed purple. She wears contacts that make her normally hazel eyes look a deep blue. She tends to dress as she sees fit, which ranges from a normal t-shirt and jeans look to a very different ensemble of shirt, skirt, and stiped tights. She is usually in a good mood, and has no problem becoming the center of attention.

Talents: Being a Technomagus, she wields a hybrid of magic and technology. Journeymen (or women) of this career can locate interfaces in different points of reality and force them to behave as a computer, allowing technomancers to teleport, alter gravity, and the like. Like others of her occupation, Echo has the ability to tap into her personal 'MetaNet', a small pocket dimension that with the help of a Materium supply in the dimension, can create mundane objects up to the mass of the base material, which the MetaNet holds no more than 200kg of Materium.

Combat: Echo tends to use her magical strength right away when adversity strikes, firing elemental magic at her opponent, and preferring to detain rather than kill. If that fails, she calls weapons from the MetaNet and fights in close combat, which she is reasonably well-trained in. On occasion her hair, imbued with Octarine and semi-sentient, will try to defend it's owner, and the results end up extremely chaotic and carry the weight of an 8th level Sourceror. Even more rare, the hair can lend it's strength to Echo and turn her into a destructive force more formidable than ever. Unfortunately, this final stage renders her unable to do anything more than rampantly destroy things around her.

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