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"Ed, by Remnant of Fear"
  • Player: Edward_Tohr
  • Name: Edward Tohr.
  • Species or Race: Magically-enhanced human.
  • Gender: Male (usually).
  • Age: Effectively ageless due to magical enhancement. Claims he was only born about twenty years ago. Actual age is believed to be 25, approximately.
  • Height: 5'10 (1.7 meters)
  • Weight: 170-ish (78.5 kilograms)
  • Hair color: Black.
  • Eye color: Hazel.
  • Occupation: Board operative. Plans to join M-Div at some point.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good.
  • Characteristic quote: "Over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND base are belong to us!"
  • Strengths: Powerful lightning magic, absorbs electricity, ninja-like acrobatics and speed, can augment his reflexes and speed to superhuman levels, cannot die of old age.
  • Weaknesses: Anti-magic effects rob him of all benefits. Lightly armed/armored. Use of powers drains life force.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Ability to control electricity, and use a great variety of magical effects.
  • Weaponry: Twin daggers, with a micro-vibration function not unlike that of Hyp3rB14d3's Fifth Trigger. Has also been seen to carry a katana and wakizashi. Also carries a Callisto NTG. Has recently acquired a magical glaive.
  • Equipment: A black, magical cape, given to him by Euphrosyne.
  • Likes: Computers, technology, video games, spicy food, sparring, well-shielded, very conductive wires, and his new family.
  • Dislikes: Game Overs, killing, anti-magic fields, bad trips, and strong electrical resistors.



See attached document.


Ed is normally a friendly person, always trying to make people laugh, even if he is the butt of the joke. In situations where seriousness is required, though, he can usually be less silly, although he would try to crack a joke whenever appropriate. He is also very much a computer and video game nerd, and has been seen to make Dungeons and Dragons references. Other talents include humming entire soundtracks to video games, and quoting movies, specifically Monty Python and the Holy Grail word-for-word.

Of course, said carefree nature goes completely out the window when someone that he cares about, especially his family, is threatened. His mantra for people who attempt to harm those that he loves is "I'd kill you, but corpses can't feel pain." And with his abilities to not only cause as much pain as his target is capable of feeling, but also make them explode, he can make good on nearly any threat he makes.

If the situation calls for it, Ed is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends, although he is more reluctant to do so now because of his children. Of course, if his sacrifice is necessary to save them, he'll do it without a second thought.

Combat Tactics:

Upon finding himself in combat, the first thing Ed does is determine whether or not fleeing is feasible. If not, his next goal is to ascertain whether or not his target is affected by his powers. If so, he proceeds to use them. If not, then he attempts to use his improved reflexes and agility to his advantage and fight at close range with his daggers, occasionally fighting unarmed if necessary. He has some slight martial arts training, but most of his skills are self-taught, and therefore a trained foe can easily overcome them.

When heavily wounded or very angry, he will use one of his finishing moves rather than flee.

If his foe does not have access to any sort of RESPAWN-like device or magic, Ed will attempt to just knock them out instead of killing them. This does not apply if his family is threatened or in danger of any kind.

Notes About his Powers:

The full scope of his powers has not yet been revealed. Nevertheless, he has been seen to shoot streams of lightning of various strengths, create shockwaves of electricity, electrify existing weapons, create weapons, fly, turn himself into electricity and arc across a short distance or travel along wires (What he calls "Jumping"), absorb electricity (magical and mundane), perform acrobatic maneuvers that appear too difficult for someone of his build, and scan the minds of others. It is almost certain that he is capable of far more than this, however. One thing to note is that most, if not all, of Ed's powers require him to be at one end of a bolt of lightning. Therefore, in the interests of protecting his hearing and vision, the noise of the lightning he generates is magically muffled, and the bolt's intensity is reduced, but not eliminated.

Specific details of each of his revealed powers follows:

  • "Force Lightning": Ed extends one or both of his hands, and a stream of lightning erupts from them, towards a designated target. This is Ed's most basic attack, yet also his most commonly used one. Simple yet reliable, this attack delivers a shock of variable strength, which does not diminish with distance. Its main weakness is that Ed is mostly unable to change the path of the attack, thus rendering it nearly useless against foes behind lightning rods. Nevertheless, it has a very good life-force to electrical-energy ratio, thus making it effective in almost any situation.
  • "Lightning Bolt": Very similar to the above technique, but rather than a constant stream of electricity it is a single, focused burst. More efficient than the above technique, it doesn't have as high of a level of energy output, but is still useful in a very wide variety of situations. It, along with Ball Lightning, were the two attacks Ed possessed before his augmentation.
  • "Ball Lightning": Ed shoots a ball of lightning at an opponent. Like the Force Lightning, range is not a problem with the strength of this attack, and it is more easily maneuvered around lightning rods and the like. Unfortunately, the life-force to electrical-energy ratio is not very efficient, and the power of the attack is less variable. Despite these flaws, though, it is a useful attack, and Ed uses it frequently. Along with Lightning Bolt, this was one of the two attacks that Ed could use pre-augmentation.
  • "Shockwave": Ed sends out arcs of electricity in a circle around him, with a radius of about a meter. Unlike most of his attacks, its power falls off with distance. This attack is not very powerful, and consumes a lot of energy, but does have some uses.
  • "Brainshock": This technique allows Ed to read, and potentially, modify the mind of an opponent. Using low-energy streams of electricity, Ed can read the electrical impulses within the neurons of his target. This technique requires Ed be very close to his target, with physical contact being preferable. Also, an unwilling target can easily move beyond the range, unless restrained or unconscious or similar. Regardless, this spell can be very useful in the proper circumstances, and does not use up much energy.
  • "Electrify": By utilizing his ambient electromagical field, Ed is able to electrically energize any conductive material that he is in contact with. Since this ability uses his ambient energy, it does not require much energy to maintain, and requires very little to start. Because the electricity is magical, it is unaffected by the electrical resistance of the weapon, to an extent. A useful ability in certain circumstances.
  • "Electrocute": A more powerful variant of the above, Ed simply makes physical contact with his target and floods them with electrical energy. Similar in execution to the Forbidden Techniques described below, but with less-impressive results. However, it is an efficient attack, and, unlike the Forbidden Techniques, does not require much concentration.
  • "Thunder Blade": Following the principles of the above power, but to a much larger extent, Ed can use electric energy to create a solid-feeling weapon. Although it does require a larger expenditure of power, it can be used without a pre-existing object. Since the weapon is pure electrical energy, its size and shape are nearly infinitely variable, while remaining nearly weightless. Unfortunately, it does require a constant drain of power to maintain, the amount of which increases with the size of the weapon.
  • "Levitation": By electromagnetically modifying the magnetic field around him, Ed can hover, and even fly. It requires a steady drain of energy, and doesn't allow Ed to move as quickly as Jumping, but is useful in many circumstances.
  • "Ninja Moves": Because he can electricly stimulate his own muscles, Ed is capable of acrobatic maneuvers that would seem impossible for someone of his build. Although this does not take any magical energy, he is unable to use it unless his powers are active, although much training with it has allowed him to perform some simple ones naturally.
  • "Absorbtion": Due to the link between his life force and electrical energy, as well as the bonds between his constituent particles being magical, Ed is able to absorb electricity, both natural and magical. Normal electricity acts as a stimulant, while magical has various effects, depending on many circumstances. As a result of this ability, Ed is far more effective when fighting in a lightning storm or near high-tension lines, and would be nearly unstoppable near, say, a reactor core in a nuclear power plant. Because this effect is magical in nature, it fails to activate when Ed is unable to use his powers.
  • "Bullet-Time": By electrically stimulating certain portions of his brain, Ed is able to slow down his perception of time, and speed up his reflexes accordingly. Furthermore, by electrically manipulating his muscles directly, he is able to move at a similarly-increased rate. Although Ed can modify the extent to which time seems to slow, he usually keeps it to a point where bullets seem to lazily float towards their targets. This ability is useful in practically any situation, but he rarely uses it to its full extent, unless necessary.
  • "Splitter": Much like how an electric signal can be split, so can Ed when in electrical form. By Jumping into a wire conntected to a splitter, or a frayed bundle of cords, Ed is able to split himself into a number of copies. While this technique technically doesn't consume any energy on its own, the more times that Ed splits himself, the less energy each clone will have. Ed usually carries around a frayed cord, simply for the purpose of this ability.
  • "Jumping": By converting himself into a stream of electricity and arcing, Ed is able to effectively teleport. This is unquestionably Ed's most commonly used technique, and, as such, consumes very little energy. For distances up to a meter, Ed is able to, effectively, use this technique for free. As the distance increases beyond that, though, the energy use increases exponentially. Despite the name, Ed does not need a surface to push against to perform this technique, and can do so in any direction, even while in mid-air. If the destination of this technique is a conductive material, Ed can choose to remain in electric form, and inhabit said material. This allows him to travel along wires, and even into computer systems and the Internet. Since Jumping happens almost immediately, it is an effective way for Ed to maneuver around, or away from, opponents.

"Limit Breaks"
In desperate situations, he is able to unleash very powerful attacks, with the unfortunate side effect of leaving him nearly without energy afterwards. Furthermore, due to his glitches with RESPAWN, his new body suffers from far more lethargy than normal. Explanations of specific ones will follow:

  • "Indignation": Named after the ultimate lightning spell from the "Tales of..." series of video games. This creates a nearly constant rain of lightning in an approximately two-meter radius around him. It also taxes his energy to a very large extent, leaving him just shy of death. The intense drain of energy with this limits its strategic usefulness.
  • "Final Revenge": Unlike the other finishing attacks Ed can perform, this one requires that Ed be fatally stabbed by a weapon that will conduct electricity back to the wielder. When activated, Ed simply channels all of his remaining energy through the weapon and back to the wielder, with a very efficient life-energy to electrical-energy ratio. He also does not suffer as much lethargy after going through RESPAWN after using this power.
  • "Forbidden Techniques": At the end of his training period, Ed learned three techniques whose use is illegal, according to the laws of his homeland. As such, Ed will only use them when there is no alternative, although the results do make up for the infrequent use. Another restriction on these is that, due to the immense control required, Ed must not only be physically touching his opponent, but be able to concentrate on what he's doing.
  • Control: By electrically manipulating the brain of his opponent, Ed is able to force them to do whatever he wants, willingly or not.
  • Torture: By electrically stimulating his foe's pain receptors, Ed forces them to endure as much pain as they are capable of feeling.
  • Kill: Once again using electrical stimulation, Ed simply stops his opponent's heart or other vital organ, leaving them to die. A more spectacular version of this technique involves channeling electricity into every cell, then increasing the energy, causing them to explode.
  • "Elemental Form": Because of the magical augmentation he received from the Elemental Spirits, Ed is able to assume an elemental form. Doing so, he becomes a completely energy-based being, shedding his material body completely. The advantages to this state are numerous, but it comes with one vital flaw: because he is constantly emitting his energy, use of this technique will, with time, kill him. The amount of time that he has is dependent on various factors, including amount of power use before and after the transformation, the amount of ambient electromagnetic energy available from the environment, and even his mental state during the transformation sequence. Another flaw is that, once he transforms, he is committed. Since it involves the destruction of his old body, he cannot undo it. Under the proper circumstances, however, this is potentially his most powerful technique.

Magic and Physics:

Due to the electrical nature of his attacks, they are usually subject to standard electrical shielding methods. Strong insulators can block them, and conductors can be used to absorb them... to an extent. Most of his powers, however, are able to bypass the electrical resistance of air, with the exception of (so far), the shockwave, the mind-scan, and Jumping. (The latter of which he can do up to a distance of one meter, with a minimal loss of energy, but after that, the energy use increases exponentially. The maximum range of one Jump is ten meters, but, by Jumping a meter at a time, he can cross thousands of miles... note that this restriction doesn't apply when traveling through wires, as those were specifically made to move electrical energy.) Also, his more powerful attacks tend to not follow the laws of physics.

Other Notes:

So far, the effects of his cape include being waterproof and slight resistance to magic, as well as billowing dramatically in even the slightest breeze. Despite the end appearing frayed and tattered, it never seems to show any signs of damage. Its other effects, if any, are unknown.

He has a collection of nicknames, including Sh-Ed, or Eduarda, when Ed is transformed into a woman, Wast-Ed when he is drunk, and even Dr. Pentelope (pronounced like "antelope") Deathrow.

Despite his exclusive use of lightning magic, he is able to use the other elements. However, he cannot wield them very effectively at all without more training, nor is he able to use them without drawing runes.

Somehow, Ed has managed to glitch his RESPAWN template. As a result, he experiences some idiosyncrasies upon using the system, most notably that, upon RESPAWNing, he usually has some sort of scar from his previous deaths. Also, the system apparently has to randomly decide whether to recreate Ed or Eduarda, a source of annoyance for the lightning mage. As a result of this, he tends to prefer visiting the medical wing to recover from serious injury, as opposed to the quicker and easier method of letting RESPAWN handle all the hard work.

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