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There are stories told of those who obtain great power, at the cost of something very dear, and live haunted lives because of it. Those stories are not about Ed. Born with the gift of magic, he lived a normal life, completely unaware of his powers. Upon discovering his powers, Ed, being a huge computer nerd, found that manipulating electricity was second nature to him. When it came time for his peers to leave for college, Ed found himself moving into a magical training center, where he learned basic control over the other elements. It was then that he realized that, although he was mentally to channel massive amounts of electricity, his body was damaged by it.

Although his powers were magical in nature, he was still channeling large amounts of electricity through his body, causing muscle spasms and nerve damage. In light of this, the directors of the training center infused Ed's very body with magic, by literally breaking every bond that held his constituent particles together, and replacing them with magic. The procedure was a success which, understandably, left Ed very weak for several days, although it not only allowed him to continue to use his powers, but also bestowed other gifts upon him, including the ability to absorb magic, as well as a large number of other skills and a reduced rate of aging. Unfortunately, this process caused Ed's powers to drain his life force, as opposed to just using ambient electricity, allowing him to use far more powerful blasts, but at the cost of his life force.

Once he was able to return to class after the procedure, he was accosted by another student, and it was then that he discovered how powerful his magic could be, sending him to the infirmary with one blast. The attack did not kill him, though, much to Ed's relief. Shortly thereafter, Ed discovered that, although his powers drain life force, there is a safety built-in, in that, when his life force is low, his powers will cut off, leaving him exhausted. The very same day, he learned about the origin of Elementalists as recipients of the powers of the elemental spirits, as well as his own agelessness. Later, he began training with Master Fletcher, another Lightning Elementalist. The training sessions lasted the remainder of his time at the Academy.

After finishing his final class with Master Fletcher, the very same student whom Ed had defeated four years previous challenged him to a rematch. The duel between the two mages was spectacular, with Ed only claiming victory as a result of his Elementalist abilities. He then fled the Academy, running from the law, eventually finding his way into the fabled Elemental Cave, home of the elemental spirits. After navigating through the treacherous magical obstacles, he found himself with one challenge left -- to defeat the spirits in combat.

After a lengthy battle with the first five spirits -- Earth, Air, Ice, Water, and Fire -- Ed learned that his long-held beliefs about the elements were wrong, as the sixth spirit told him that Light and Darkness were not, in fact, opposing elements, but rather opposing aspects of Lumination. Defeating that spirit, his final foe was the spirit of Lightning. However, Ed was unable to so much as scratch this adversary, who revealed that the concept of "worth" didn't apply solely to his abilities in battle, and blessed Ed with greater power.

As he made his way outside, Ed was shocked to discover the President of his magical academy waiting for him, weapon in hand. He revealed that he had been pursuing Ed not to bring him to justice, but rather to recruit him into his army and lead an assault against the non-magical humans. At Ed's refusal, the two fought, revealing that the President had also received the power of the spirits, and was one of, if not the first, mage to do so. Owing to his superior magical abilities, the President easily defeated Ed, leaving him paralyzed and bleeding on the ground.

But the young Elementalist was far from dead. While unconscious, his body absorbed ambient magical energy from the cave, and slowly healed the damage. Eventually he awoke, and headed to a nearby town, where he met his old friend Jacob Stones. After the startling revelation that tension between the mages and normal humans were rising, an Earth mage, Smith, came across Ed and Jake. Recognizing the former as a wanted criminal, the two began fighting, and Ed quickly knocked out Smith. At this point, Ed learned that he had been unconscious for two years, recovering. As Jake prepared to apprehend Ed, a rock suddenly struck the lightning Elementalist in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious once again. Were it not for the actions of Jake, Ed would've met his death. The Water mage healed the majority of Ed's wounds and left him unconscious in an alleyway.

After awakening, he was brought to a homeless shelter, and his wounds were examined. After determining that they had been caused, and partially healed, by magic, the doctor sedated Ed and brought him to a research laboratory, planning to study his powers. After recovering from the tranquilizers, Ed managed to escape, but discovered that he had amnesia, and was unable to remember much of the past four years. From the fragments of memories that remained, though, he pulled out his most useful and commonly-used ability: Jumping.

After his escape, he was pursued. During the subsequent showdown with his would-be captors, Ed suffered a mental breakdown at the thought of killing them, only snapping out of it when his self-preservation instinct kicked in. Leaving his opponents weaponless, without a vehicle, and unconscious outside of town, Ed continued fleeing, towards an uncertain destination.

After a brief stint of wandering, he realized that there was a more efficient way he could travel-- in electrical form along wires. Putting this ability to use, he wound up in an unknown suburb, where he soon found a wire connected to the internet.

As his consciousness materialized on the great network, he realized that, despite being electrical in nature, he didn't understand binary data. This changed when, upon following a data packet, he found himself being downloaded. After running through the computer's processor, he found himself able to understand the data stored on the hard drive. Glancing through, he found the data for the TCP/IP protocol, and was suddenly able to understand the information coming from the internet.

Uploading himself back onto the web, he was shocked to discover how much things had changed. Rather than random electrical signals, he was instead accosted by physical representations of the data. However, Ed soon grew accustomed to life online, and nearly forgot completely about the physical world. That, however, changed upon stumbling across a message, making plans for a sacrifice.

Deciding to leave the Internet for the first time in two years, Ed followed the message to the intended recipient, and discovered that the plot was neither a joke or a hoax. Two Satanists were intending on sacrificing an innocent victim for power. While performing reconnaissance on one of the Satanists, Ed discovered he carried a cursed necklace which filled anyone who got too close to it with a powerful bloodlust. Managing to resist the effects, Ed successfully rendered both of the Satanists unconscious before they had a chance to harm their victim.

This caught the attention of a Board operative sent to investigate the situation, who then invited Ed to join in their war against evil.

The Story So Far:

Because of his reluctance to join an organization he knew nothing about, he offered his services as a mercenary, rather than joining as an official member. In order to facilitate his duties for the Board, he was given access to RESPAWN and other Board equipment... but only after a lengthy meeting with Scary Paperwork, three full ball-point pens, two quills, five jars of ink, an entire case of toner, and a blood sample.

His first training session showed him just what kind of organization the Board was, as, within a minute of entering, he was bombarded by mangoes. That also led to his first encounter with RESPAWN. Later on, he met the cyborg Bankan, and learned that, if he relied too much on his powers, he would be in trouble in situations where they were unusable. After his subsequent death, he began to carry firearms.

The next training session, however, was restricted to medieval armaments. It was there that Ed fought another mage, Iris in a magical duel, allowing Ed to adapt his abilities to the Board's... unique reality.

It was at this point that Ed was kidnapped by Tamarron-aliens, and implanted with a modified, female clone of himself. Named Chartreuse Tohr, the baby soon became a focal point for discussion and speculation (not to mention Spec) among the Boardies. During the baby shower, Roadkiller, an agent from another organization called CLASSIFIED, forced Ed to drink a mysterious potion, transforming him into a female. The ceremony concluded with Ed naming Stardrake and Euphrosyne Chartreuse's godparents.

His third training session was immediately afterwards. After meeting, fighting, and eventually defeating Hyp3rB14d3, Ed was mortally wounded by HK, and took that opportunity to leave the simulation, so as to raise his daughter.

"Ed and Roadkiller's wedding thank you notes"

At some point after this, Roadkiller forced Ed to agree to marry him, just to freak out Roadkiller's arch-nemesis, Voice. Ed, who only agreed because of threats against his daughter, spent the next several months dreading the upcoming wedding. Needless to say, when the Board's signature bar, Moxz0rz's, was opened, Ed immediately went, intending to drink his worries away. Unfortunately, his groom-to-be was also there, and, once again, offered Ed a mysterious drink. Ed, too dejected to care, downed it, only to find that it wasn't another genderbending potion as he had expected, but rather a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. After he stumbled around drunkenly for a few minutes, his half-fae friend Keaira used her healing magic to remove most of the alcohol from Ed's system.

After recovering and heading home, he received an invitation to a paintball match. Deciding that it would be a good place to practice using firearms, he joined. This served to distract him from the horrible prospect of his wedding, looming ever closer.

Finally the day arrived. Voice, now Keaira's boyfriend, officiated the travesty of a ceremony, prompted by cards printed from the internet, and then modified, by Roadkiller. His Best Man was [CLASSIFIED]'s Captain, and Ed's Maid of Honor was none other than Keaira herself. Stardrake's Copper Dragonling served as the ringbearer, and Chartreuse had the dubious honor of giving the bride away. As the transgendered Ed waited with growing dread for the ceremony's conclusion, he was startled when, of all people, Euphrosyne interrupted the wedding and bestowed upon Ed his/her first kiss. His/her shock and bewilderment was soon replaced by horror when Roadkiller kissed the bride. The horror of the moment Ed had been dreading for months was too much to bear, and he responded by forming an alternate personality, Eduarda. As per Board tradition, a food fight ensued via a magical cake, baked by Moxie, with random, bizarre effects upon those struck by pieces of it.

One unfortunate consequence of the wedding was Ed's ring. Not only coated on the inside with poison ivy and superglue, it also became red-hot when energized with electricity, effectively sealing the majority of Ed's powers.

Later, another training mission taking place in a zombie-infested city gave Ed the firearms and teamwork training he had been seeking when he entered the paintball game. Teaming up with Adan, the two of them fought their way into an abandoned police station where Ed, desperate to be able to use his powers again, cut off his own finger in an attempt to remove the ring. However, before he could do much more, the site was obliterated from orbit, ending the simulation.

Shortly after, a FLEET commodore, "Bob... just Bob" returned to the Funky Horror, and started another training session to test the power levels of the new Boardies. Ed discovered then that, due to a glitch in his RESPAWN template, he would sometimes be reincarnated in female form. After being approached by Stardrake about getting the ring removed, she realized that Roadkiller was present in this simulation and set off to fight him, but didn't manage to find him before the end.

At this point, the Oldbies decided that the new members were ready to attempt to take back the lost Board city of Mohaborad. After the initial briefing, Ed decided that getting used to fighting without RESPAWN would be helpful, so he started a training mission of his own. While there, he discovered that, in addition to randomly being regenerated by RESPAWN as female, any transformation could have the potential side-effect of switching his gender. He also practiced with his powers more, and found that the time he spent unable to use them allowed him to use far more magic before becoming exhausted.

After the end of that simulation, he, alongside Tamarron and NinjaNick opened up the chain of Nailburger King restaurants. The popularity has yet to spread.

During the Battle of Mohaborad, Ed fought alongside Kum-El, Keaira, her friend Zari, and many other Boardies, culminating in a fight against Unkershurje, the spigeon Demon Prince, which ended upon his defeat by a mech.

Also, during a conversation with Stardrake, Ed realized that light is just a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Preliminary testing is showing positive results, although whether or not the RCA is the cause of this new ability is uncertain.

Recently, he has found himself the object of attention of one particular Vampiress, Desiree Rouzan. Offering his blood out of curiosity as to how the electric nature of it would affect the vampire, no one expected the outcome-- the queen of seduction would find herself addicted to the young, virgin mage. Likewise, Ed, who had never experienced female contact, became entranced by the visions the Vampiress inserted into his head. Their relationship culminated in a fit of passion in the back room of Moxz0rz's, kept hidden from the remaining Boardies.

One interesting side-effect of the coupling is Desiree's penchant, and perhaps need, for returning much of Ed's electrical energy back to him. Not only does this allow him to be far more energetic than normal for the amount of blood he loses, but the electricity coming from the Vampiress carries some of her power with it, and brings it to Ed. It seems that Desiree also profits from the exchange, though... not only is Ed's blood far more energetic than any other she's sampled, it also increases her control of electricity.

Despite appearances, though, the addition of Desiree's numerous skills and abilities isn't always to Ed's benefit. In particular, the transfer of her telepathic abilities allows Ed and Eduarda to communicate with each other. Being two very different personalities trapped in the same body, the experience is unpleasant for both of them. Despite this, though, Ed has no intention of breaking up the relationship, however informal and unofficial it might be.

At some point after this, however, he became romantically involved with Bea, the transgendered form of Bankan. As the two settled down, fate decided to make things interesting for Ed, by revealing that Desiree was, in fact pregnant. After thinking about it carefully, Ed decided that, above all else, he was a father, and thus chose to raise his new twin children, Aidan and Gabirelle alongside Desiree.

He has recently purchased an enchanted glaive from Hyp3rB14d3's weapons shop, with the property of the blade warping forward a meter when he stabs with it.

While taking some time off in the bar, Ed responded to a distress signal coming from Gold Doom Marine, about a tentacle creature assaulting the crew of his ship. During the fight, Ed met Adam Omega, Kum-El's telepathic friend, prior to obtaining some new weaponry. After the defeat of the creature, though, he ate one of Gragak's cupcakes, and, upon his return to Moxz0rz's with the others, transformed into a goose. The real trouble, though, occurred after the transformation wore off.

Somehow, when reverting to normal, Ed's personality was forced from his brain, and scattered amongst the various electronics in the bar. Eventually, through the help of Adam, Dexam Draconis, and his now-fiancée Desiree, along with assistance from Voira, Liku, and Chartreuse, his personality was reconstructed and returned to his body.

The shenanigans were not over yet, though, as Silviya Ambrose, a young mage-in-training, tossed a strange device at Ed, once again turning him female. Fortunately, Eduarda seemed to be in a rather pleasant mood, and voluntarily transformed back. In response to this, Ed took a scan of the transgendering device, allowing his POST to achieve the same effect.

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