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The Early Years

Why do I always play a Druid? Three words. Call. Lightning. Storm.
— Edward Tohr (before discovering his powers)

Edward Robert Tohr, born on May 2nd to Barbara and Russel Tohr, was the youngest of three children, with Richard and Elsie as his older siblings. From a young age, Ed was fixated on technology, specifically computers and video games.

For the most part, his childhood was as normal as could be. Teased by his siblings for being the youngest, and by his peers for being withdrawn, he spent his free time on the computer, or playing video games. Due to this, he tended to spend time thinking up worlds, populated by powerful wizards. Even at this young age, Ed identified most strongly with what would become his signature element-- lightning. Upon reaching high school, however, Ed's life seemed to turn around. No longer was he the quiet one, to be picked on at will, but rather the smart one, who would give away answers for nothing more than the pleasure of feeling useful.

Finally being able to partially control the path of his teaching, Ed began taking computer classes. Here, he was finally able to satisfy his curiosity as to how precise applications of electricity could create the virtual worlds he spent so much time in. Deciding that he wanted to create these worlds for a living, Ed planned to take programming courses once he got to college. It was there, though, that his plans became derailed.

The Academy


Dude... I can charge my gameboy's batteries while I'm playing it. How is this not awesome?
— Edward Tohr (shortly after discovering his powers)

Midway through his senior year of high school, Ed began to notice strange incidents happening around him. Computer monitors would distort slightly, as if a weak magnet was nearby. He would give off static electricity even when it should have been impossible. As time went on, these effects grew stronger and more noticeable. Lights would become brighter as he approached them, and disc drives started becoming corrupted on computers he used. Even shaking hands with people became painful and, occasionally, dangerous.

He didn't realize the severity of the issue, however, until one night with his friends. Playing a game, Ed had a disagreement with a friend over the rules of the game they were playing. In a fit of rage, Ed sent a static discharge across the table, striking the other player. Though he was not seriously injured, Ed realized that he would need to learn to control his powers before he seriously hurt someone. The remainder of the year passed without incident, and Ed found out how to keep his abilities in check.

After graduation, he was approached by a mysterious person who claimed to be able to help Ed with his problems, revealing to Ed that continued use of his powers would result in large-scale nerve damage, and even possibly death. Intrigued, Ed asked the man for more information. He explained that, long ago, humans were able to use the powers of the elements, and that, sometimes, people were born with that ability naturally occurring. When pressed for more information, the man revealed the existence of a magical academy, made to train people in the use of magic. Ed almost immediately agreed to join.

The First Year

What's it like to do magic without the runes? Painful. Even though it's magic, it's still electricity. It's like getting zapped by a wall outlet... muscles spaz out, sets off nerve endings...
— Edward Tohr (discussing his inborn powers)

The year began like any other. Frantically trying to learn where the classrooms are, getting used to a new courseload, and simply adjusting to the new lifestyle took up most of his time. Disappointed to learn that first-year students simply learn about the theory behind the magic, rather than how to actually do it, Ed spent most of his time in class daydreaming. Even his favorite class, Theory of Lightning, failed to hold his attention. As the first semester drew to a close, Ed began to re-think his decision to attend.

And thus the second semester began. Ed, despondent, began to pay even less attention in class than he had. Soon, however, he met an upperclassman by the name of Jacob Stones. The two managed to strike up a friendship, and Ed began to enjoy his time spent at the Academy.

Another important development happened that semester, as Ed was approached by the head of the Lightning department, Gregory Fletcher. The latter, being a Lightning Elementalist like Ed, explained a procedure that could be done that would not only heal the damage that had been done by his abilities as well as protect him from suffering more, but also expand them, both in power and scope. Once again, Ed took scant more than a moment to decide.

The procedure, as Ed was to find out while being subjected to it, was to break apart his constituent particles, and replace the energy holding them together with pure magic. After being reconstructed, Ed managed to utilize his newly-boosted powers for a brief moment before passing out.

Waking up in the infirmary, Ed was shocked to discover a whole day had passed while he slept. In addition, the procedure had used much of his body's energy, leaving him very hungry. As he wolfed down his meals, he realized that the tingling feeling and shaking in his hands he had gotten used to was gone. The nurse explained that the procedure had repaired the nerve and muscle damage Ed had suffered. As he ate, she begain reciting stories she had heard of other Elementalists, who had used their powers too much prior to the procedure... skin burned off, deep, uncurable frostbite, even paralysis and death.

Ed spent several days recuperating, but, upon his return, was accosted by a fellow student, Rexal. Once again, Ed lost control of his powers through anger, shooting electricity at the troublemaker. Troubled by guilt, Ed began to lose interest in his classes again, until Jake snapped him out of it, assuring him that Rexal would be fine. The very next day, he was proven correct as the Fire major walked into class, having apparently learned his lesson. Relieved, Ed began to focus on his classwork, and actually began to study for his upcoming finals.

On the night immediately beforehand, Ed tried using his powers in a new way. By electrically stimulating certain portions of his brain, he was able to speed his perception of time to a large degree, enabling him to study much more material in the same time span. However, this idea backfired as his energy reserves, still untrained, were unable to support the constant drain of power needed to sustain the effect, and he, once again, collapsed. Somehow, despite the mental fatigue, he was able to pass his tests, and, as a way of congratulating him, Master Fletcher took him out to lunch.

During the meal, Fletcher explained to Ed the origin of the Elementalists-- originally, certain humans were able to earn the blessing of the Elemental Spirits, granting them the ability to use elemental magic. As time went on, though, fewer and fewer people underwent the trial, and soon it was forgotten entirely. With each new generation, the magic which protected the elementalists from their own powers weakened, until eventually those who had the power began to die off.

Another shocking thing Ed learned was that, due to the magical infusing, he would no longer age, having reached maturity. He spent the summer adjusting to this fact.

The Second Year And Beyond

"I... Like... Swords"?
— Gregrory Fletcher (reading Ed's message)

And thus began Ed's second year. As excited as he was for the practical classes, the important part of Ed's schedule was a three-hour daily training session with Master Fletcher, meant to improve and hone his Elementalist abilities. Fletcher taught Ed many, many useful techniques, as well as other useful pieces of information about his powers and magic in general.

As Ed continued to receive his training, he began to look up to Fletcher as a father figure, more than just a teacher. Fletcher, as well, returned the feelings. It was perhaps because he thought of Ed as more than just a student that Fletcher decided to teach him the Forbidden Techniques at the end of his senior year. Designed specifically to be very evil and powerful techniques, able to control, torture, or outright kill their target. Shortly after hearing about these abilities, Ed was once again attacked by Rexal, the student from his first year. He had been training for combat ever since his defeat, and he nearly overwhelmed Ed with his superior strategy. Ed, however, failed to regard Rexal as a serious threat and decided not to use his Elementalist powers. At least, until Rexal revealed his murderous intentions.

Unleashing his abilities, Ed managed to completely destroy any hope of the life he thought he could have.

On The Run

Magic comes natural to me, Rexal. I don't need to trace runes, focus, chant a spell, or anything like that. I can just do it.
— Edward Tohr (shortly after unleashing his full power in the duel)

Easily overcoming Rexal with his magical arsenal, Ed soon had his foe at his mercy. Even then, though, Rexal was determined to give his last fighting, and taunted Ed until his dying breath. Fletcher showed up, attempting to stop Ed, but was too late. Ed, despite his lack of creativity, had figured out how to perform a particularly-violent version of the instant-kill technique, instantly causing each of Rexal's cells to explode. Fletcher, in disbelief, tried to get Ed to surrender. Upon his refusal, however, he grimly prepared to take him in by force. Ed was shocked at the transformation. Gone was the kind, wise mentor he had known for the past four years, replaced by a cold, emotionless visage. The sudden realization of what he had done hit Ed like a ton of bricks, overwhelming him. Fletcher, seeing this, approached Ed, but was caught off-guard by a sudden, disorienting attack as Ed fled from the Academy.

The young mage, out on his own, ran with no real destination other than "away", ignorant of the President in pursuit. Eventually, after traveling through a forest and hitching a ride on a train, he arrived at a cave. Exploring the depths, a mysterious voice explained to him that this was the home of the Elemental Spirits. Deciding to continue exploring, Ed soon ran across various tests, requiring him to utilize his magic in ways he hadn't thought to before. After passing through all of them, he came into the final chamber, where he was greeted by the Elemental Spirits themselves, who soon challenged him to prove his worth. A long, fierce battle ensued, with Ed passing the tests of the first five spirits. As the sixth appeared, however, it came with the revelation that a long-standing teaching among the mages was wrong. Instead of Light and Darkness being opposing elements, they were merely aspects of a single element-- Lumination. Despite being exhausted from fighting the other spirits, Ed managed to prove himself, and was subsequently challenged by his own patron spirit, the Elemental Spirit of Lightning.

The Spirit, using Ed's own abilities and tricks far more effectively than Ed could possibly imagine, seemed impossible to defeat. However, Ed refused to give up, and prepared to fight to his last, thus passing the test, and gaining even more power, replacing the magic used to bind him together with lightning-elemental magic, which not only made his powers more powerful and even easier to use, but also enabled him to take on an elemental form. Magically healed and recharged by the spirits, he left the cave, only to discover the President waiting for him.

Ed, the Thunder God

May history take pity and forget you.
— The Academy's President (shortly after leaving Ed for dead)

Ed prepared to fight for his freedom, until the President informed him that he didn't leave the Academy to apprehend a criminal, but instead to recruit a powerful mage for his new army, to destroy the non-magical humans. Stunned with disbelief, Ed refused to join him. The President's retribution was swift and brutal, leaving Ed paralyzed and bleeding, waiting to die. Vision fading, consciousness slipping away, Ed tried to fight death.

Fate, it seemed, had something else in store for the young mage. Slipping into unconsciousness, his body began to absorb the radiant magical energy from the elemental cave, keeping him alive while he slowly healed. To Ed, only an instant passed before he drifted awake again, and set forth for someplace to hide.

Reaching a nearby village, Ed ran into his old friend Jake. After a brief discussion, Ed found out that he had been unconscious for two years, and that the President had begun to put his plan into action. Ed attempted to fight back, but was ambushed by Jones, an Earth major. Knocked unconscious and with a fractured skull, Ed was once again left to die.

Jake, under the guise of finishing him off, healed his wounds to the best of his ability, and told him to run, that not drawing attention to himself would be the safest thing he could do. Ed, still concussed, managed to absorb the advice. Awakening several hours later with no sense of who, where, or even what he was, he was taken to a nearby medical office to have his remaining wounds treated. Upon being investigated, however, the doctors realized his magical nature, drugged him, and imprisoned him in a more secure part of the facility.

Recovering from the sedatives, Ed was questioned about his wounds. After unsuccessfully attempting to hide his nature, he managed to escape, in the process developing his most commonly-used technique... Jumping. After getting out of town, his pursuers caught up with him. Ed managed to ambush them and knock them unconscious before hijacking their car and using the alternator to recharge his powers. Driving until he had exhausted the car's gas tank, he soon reached some power lines. Finishing recharging himself, he decided to try Jumping into the wire. After traveling several miles, he Jumped out, and was able to jack himself onto the Internet.

Assaulted by random bits of data, Ed wandered aimlessly, soon to find himself being downloaded through a dial-up modem. After entering the host computer, he was drawn through the processor, enabling him to understand the machine code, which assisted him in absorbing data from the hard drive. Assimilating the TCP/IP protocol, he uploaded himself into the bizarre new, yet familiar, landscape of the World Wide Web.

Living in a house he coded himself, Ed spent the next two years living a life of luxury. However, upon one day intercepting a message about a sacrifice, he decided it was time to take a physical form again.

Jumping back to reality near the message's intended destination, he soon realized that he had nearly forgotten how to actually use his body. A few hours of training later, he strolled into town, to perform reconnaissance on his targets. Meeting one of them, the first thing he noticed was the pentagram necklace he wore. As he went to imbue it with a magnetic charge, he felt an evil presence trying to corrupt his personality. Shaking it off, he left town again to continue training, and wait for the proper time.

Once the sun began to set, Ed went back into town, in order to find, and stop, the sacrifice. Tracking the magnetic signal from the amulet, he was successful in incapacitating both Satanists after a short fight. It was at this point that Ed was offered a position with the Boards.

The Story So Far:

Because of his reluctance to join an organization he knew nothing about, he offered his services as a mercenary, rather than joining as an official member. In order to facilitate his duties for the Board, he was given access to RESPAWN and other Board equipment... but only after a lengthy meeting with Scary Paperwork, three full ball-point pens, two quills, five jars of ink, an entire case of toner, and a blood sample.

On his way to his quarters for the first time, he wound up in the Board's bar, Moxz0rz's. Confused at the reactions of the patrons, who seemed to be familiar with him, he decided that the best way to adapt to the situation would be to drink. After a little while, he noticed an attractive woman sitting near him, who, surprisingly enough, gave off the same type of electrical aura that he did. Fortified by the alcohol in his system, he began to make his move on her. Before long, though, a strange woman, claiming to be his wife, appeared, and seemed distressed that he didn't remember her. When she confronted the other woman, however, Ed received the biggest shock yet.

The woman he had been flirting with, and, indeed, had been flirting back was none other than Ed himself, from the future, in a female body. Transforming back, he gave his younger self some advice before admitting that he was, at most, only from a year and a half later.

Said year and a half would prove to be very eventful, though, as, quite aside from a reference to his daughter, yet another stranger approached Ed, this time claiming to be his husband. At first thinking he was merely joking, Ed soon realized that something was up as nearly the entire bar grew violent towards the newcomer. After many threats, the man made a sinister promise to return.

Settling down from that, the younger Ed began striking up a conversation with yet another electrical woman, before being shot in the face by his older self for making a pun.

His first training session showed him just what kind of organization the Board was, as, within a minute of entering, he was bombarded by mangoes. That also led to his first encounter with RESPAWN. Later on, he met the cyborg Bankan, and learned that, if he relied too much on his powers, he would be in trouble in situations where they were unusable. After his subsequent death, he began to carry firearms.

The next training session, however, was restricted to medieval armaments. It was there that Ed fought another mage, Iris in a magical duel, allowing Ed to adapt his abilities to the Board's... unique reality.

It was at this point that Ed was kidnapped by Tamarron-aliens, and implanted with a modified, female clone of himself. Named Chartreuse Tohr, the baby soon became a focal point for discussion and speculation (not to mention Spec) among the Boardies. During the baby shower, Roadkiller, an agent from another organization called CLASSIFIED, forced Ed to drink a mysterious potion, transforming him into a female. The ceremony concluded with Ed naming Stardrake and Euphrosyne Chartreuse's godparents.

His third training session was immediately afterwards. After meeting, fighting, and eventually defeating Hyp3rB14d3, Ed was mortally wounded by HK, and took that opportunity to leave the simulation, so as to raise his daughter.

"Ed and Roadkiller's wedding thank you notes"

At some point after this, Roadkiller forced Ed to agree to marry him, just to freak out Roadkiller's arch-nemesis, Voice. Ed, who only agreed because of threats against his daughter, spent the next several months dreading the upcoming wedding. Needless to say, when the Board's signature bar, Moxz0rz's, was opened, Ed immediately went, intending to drink his worries away. Unfortunately, his groom-to-be was also there, and, once again, offered Ed a mysterious drink. Ed, too dejected to care, downed it, only to find that it wasn't another genderbending potion as he had expected, but rather a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster. After he stumbled around drunkenly for a few minutes, his half-fae friend Keaira used her healing magic to remove most of the alcohol from Ed's system.

After recovering and heading home, he received an invitation to a paintball match. Deciding that it would be a good place to practice using firearms, he joined. This served to distract him from the horrible prospect of his wedding, looming ever closer.

Finally the day arrived. Voice, now Keaira's boyfriend, officiated the travesty of a ceremony, prompted by cards printed from the internet, and then modified, by Roadkiller. His Best Man was [CLASSIFIED]'s Captain, and Ed's Maid of Honor was none other than Keaira herself. Stardrake's Copper Dragonling served as the ringbearer, and Chartreuse had the dubious honor of giving the bride away. As the transgendered Ed waited with growing dread for the ceremony's conclusion, he was startled when, of all people, Euphrosyne interrupted the wedding and bestowed upon Ed his/her first kiss. His/her shock and bewilderment was soon replaced by horror when Roadkiller kissed the bride. The horror of the moment Ed had been dreading for months was too much to bear, and he responded by forming an alternate personality, Eduarda. As per Board tradition, a food fight ensued via a magical cake, baked by Moxie, with random, bizarre effects upon those struck by pieces of it.

One unfortunate consequence of the wedding was Ed's ring. Not only coated on the inside with poison ivy and superglue, it also became red-hot when energized with electricity, effectively sealing the majority of Ed's powers.

Later, another training mission taking place in a zombie-infested city gave Ed the firearms and teamwork training he had been seeking when he entered the paintball game. Teaming up with Adan, the two of them fought their way into an abandoned police station where Ed, desperate to be able to use his powers again, cut off his own finger in an attempt to remove the ring. However, before he could do much more, the site was obliterated from orbit, ending the simulation.

Shortly after, a FLEET commodore, "Bob... just Bob" returned to the Funky Horror, and started another training session to test the power levels of the new Boardies. Ed discovered then that, due to a glitch in his RESPAWN template, he would sometimes be reincarnated in female form. After being approached by Stardrake about getting the ring removed, she realized that Roadkiller was present in this simulation and set off to fight him, but didn't manage to find him before the end.

At this point, the Oldbies decided that the new members were ready to attempt to take back the lost Board city of Mohaborad. After the initial briefing, Ed decided that getting used to fighting without RESPAWN would be helpful, so he started a training mission of his own. While there, he discovered that, in addition to randomly being regenerated by RESPAWN as female, any transformation could have the potential side-effect of switching his gender. He also practiced with his powers more, and found that the time he spent unable to use them allowed him to use far more magic before becoming exhausted.

After the end of that simulation, he, alongside Tamarron and NinjaNick opened up the chain of Nailburger King restaurants. The popularity has yet to spread.

During the Battle of Mohaborad, Ed fought alongside Kum-El, Keaira, her friend Zari, and many other Boardies, culminating in a fight against Unkershurje, the spigeon Demon Prince, which ended upon his defeat by a mech.

Also, during a conversation with Stardrake, Ed realized that light is just a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Preliminary testing is showing positive results, although whether or not the RCA is the cause of this new ability is uncertain.

Recently, he has found himself the object of attention of one particular Vampiress, Desiree Rouzan. Offering his blood out of curiosity as to how the electric nature of it would affect the vampire, no one expected the outcome-- the queen of seduction would find herself addicted to the young, virgin mage. Likewise, Ed, who had never experienced female contact, became entranced by the visions the Vampiress inserted into his head. Their relationship culminated in a fit of passion in the back room of Moxz0rz's, kept hidden from the remaining Boardies.

One interesting side-effect of the coupling is Desiree's penchant, and perhaps need, for returning much of Ed's electrical energy back to him. Not only does this allow him to be far more energetic than normal for the amount of blood he loses, but the electricity coming from the Vampiress carries some of her power with it, and brings it to Ed. It seems that Desiree also profits from the exchange, though... not only is Ed's blood far more energetic than any other she's sampled, it also increases her control of electricity.

Despite appearances, though, the addition of Desiree's numerous skills and abilities isn't always to Ed's benefit. In particular, the transfer of her telepathic abilities allows Ed and Eduarda to communicate with each other. Being two very different personalities trapped in the same body, the experience is unpleasant for both of them. Despite this, though, Ed has no intention of breaking up the relationship, however informal and unofficial it might be.

At some point after this, however, he became romantically involved with Bea, the transgendered form of Bankan. As the two settled down, fate decided to make things interesting for Ed, by revealing that Desiree was, in fact pregnant. After thinking about it carefully, Ed decided that, above all else, he was a father, and thus chose to raise his new twin children, Aidan and Gabirelle alongside Desiree.

He has recently purchased an enchanted glaive from Hyp3rB14d3's weapons shop, with the property of the blade warping forward a meter when he stabs with it.

While taking some time off in the bar, Ed responded to a distress signal coming from Gold Doom Marine, about a tentacle creature assaulting the crew of his ship. During the fight, Ed met Adam Omega, Kum-El's telepathic friend, prior to obtaining some new weaponry. After the defeat of the creature, though, he ate one of Gragak's cupcakes, and, upon his return to Moxz0rz's with the others, transformed into a goose. The real trouble, though, occurred after the transformation wore off.

Somehow, when reverting to normal, Ed's personality was forced from his brain, and scattered amongst the various electronics in the bar. Eventually, through the help of Adam, Dexam Draconis, and his now-fiancée Desiree, along with assistance from Voira, Liku, and Chartreuse, his personality was reconstructed and returned to his body.

The shenanigans were not over yet, though, as Silviya Ambrose, a young mage-in-training, tossed a strange device at Ed, once again turning him female. Fortunately, Eduarda seemed to be in a rather pleasant mood, and voluntarily transformed back. In response to this, Ed took a scan of the transgendering device, allowing his POST to achieve the same effect.

Soon, the day of his wedding came, and he returned to the bar to celebrate. There, he would finally meet his old mentor, Master Fletcher. As the two caught up, Ed noticed his younger form enter the bar. Remembering the event from the previous time he had experienced it, he used his newly-added TG function to become Eduarda, disguising himself from his other self. When he came over to chat with her, she decided to have a little fun.

However, said fun was interrupted when Ed's new wife entered the bar. Hugging his younger form, she became upset when he didn't recognize her. When she realized the situation, she confronted Eduarda, demanding the return of her Ed. Eduarda, not in the mood for a fight, obliged, allowing Ed to meet his past self. After imparting some advice, he was forced to admit that only a little over a year had passed. Before he could go into very much detail, however, his husband, Roadkiller, showed up.

The time spent in the psychopath's absence had indeed changed Ed. No longer cowering in fear, he instead confronted the man who had made his life a living hell. This act of defiance apparently spurned the rest of the bar to do the same. With a smirk, Roadkiller declared that he still had things left to do, but would return.

During this time, Desiree began to show her vampiric side again. Ed, recalling what the disappearance of it signaled, began to grow worried about his wife...

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