FLEET Fighter Command

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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.
The emblem of FLEET Fighter Command

Based aboard the FLEET carrier whimsically named Kaboodle, Fighter Command answers to Admiral Jordanis and is tasked with defending Board and FLEET assets from small-craft attack, providing air support to ground operations, and also supporting the bigger ships in any major engagements. It currently operates several dozen squadrons raised from the Board, alongside hundreds of FLEET elements, and actively recruits any and all pilots who come to it's attention - whether by expertise, or an affinity for Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Operating out of the Board's space assets and larger ground bases (runways being hard to hide), Fighter Command's highly capable strategists have most of the globe's more tempting targets for acts of Mass Evil covered, alongside emergency deployment plans in case of nuclear launches, a very real fear in Board circles. Discreet diplomatic feelers to many Earth-based air forces and governments also ensure that if the Forces of Darkness try anything major involving airstrikes, they'll be very surprised indeed by the number of ships and aircraft Fighter Command can activate on relatively short notice.


Fighter Unit Roster

Boardies being Boardies – or more to the point, pilots being pilots – Fighter Command units are renowned for their creative naming schemes. In many cases, prominent Boardies will also sponsor a squadron as a political move, as well as a method of ensuring they have access to FLEET material if normal channels are blocked. Some highlights from the current roster follow.

Fighter Units

Maritza's Minions Screaming Sammiches Woe Warriors
Snake Hunters Screaming Fangirls Flaming Angstbois
Flaming Lamers Flaming Llamas Insidious Insinuators
Doooooooom Bringers Hellfire Extinguishers Unsqueakable Horrors
Fez Flyers Raging PSLers Skulking Jackals
The Yinterceptors The Twenty Minuters Red's Pedants
Moley Rollers Aurora's Roarers Flaxen Flyers

Ground Attack Units

Head Booters Rockfall Facilitators Brick Droppers
Tora's Trouncers Plushie PUNishers Concrete Donkeys


AOANLA's Anticipators Evil Ficcers

Special Operations Units

The Dark Ops

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