FLEET Strike Command

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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.
The emblem of FLEET Strike Command

Tasked with hitting hard and ensuring what is hit stays hit, Strike Command's role is to maintain a Churchillian strategy of "offence in defence" for FLEET until Headquarters can find a way to meaningfully hurt the Forces of Darkness and their allies beyond heavy raiding actions. This gives it de facto command over all capital ships in the Solar system, and Strike Command currently organises them along wolfpack lines - dispersing them to provide support and intelligence over as much area as possible, and concentrating them for major operations.

In an interstellar navy, these units would be prestigious commands for flag officers, but with relatively few experienced personnel available (especially in such a mismatched force, where the differences in capabilities and doctrine between two ostensibly-identical starships can be massive) the Admiral has left command of FLEET warships in the hands of their captains and given overall leadership of Strike Command to Commodore Haidan, a career rationalist whose opponents claim is unaccustomed to the weird nature of the world at large. The Commodore retorts that local insanity is all very well, but there are only so many ways to run a campaign regardless of what the civilians say.

For all it may look impressive, Haidan and his staff consider their command badly undermanned – dozens of capital ships are all very well, but they would vastly prefer more assault transports and dedicated orbital monitors over their current vessels, most of which were built for deep space. The commissioning of the first production runs of Fanworks BBs has gone some way to solving this, and every officer knows any starship's guns can simply be pointed down, but even looking at the most conservative estimates of enemy strength (if one can even class them as an enemy force...what the hell are these Boardies ON?) from Intelligence, Haidan would like there to be a lot more of them. Around 500 would be a good start. And a few dozen more marine regiments. Then they'd be able to properly demonstrate that one can curse the darkness with a laser as much as a candle...

Being operated by crews with rather more sober attitudes than their fighter-based counterparts, Strike Command's squadrons tend to be given simple, easily-understood callsigns, often colours ("Red Squadron", "Gold Squadron"). They range from swarmlike gunboat flotillas to immense supercapital dreadnoughts or carriers.

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