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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Fanworks-class Battleship

Dimensions: 340m x 104m x 52m
Powerplant: Twin hydrogen-plasma fusion reactors
Propulsion: One standard Planetary Magnetic Field Drive Unit, Twin ultraheavy reactionless thrusters.
Combat Acceleration: 22G (100G max)
Crew: 220, plus up to a further 180 embarked marines.
Armament: 3 x Heavy Particle Cannon turrets (bow-mounted) 12 x Medium Triple-Mount Plasma Cannons (6 dorsal/6 ventral), 16 missile tubes (6 port, 6 starboard, 4 chase), assorted kinetic ortillery launch tubes (ventral), assorted 200mm PDS/ABC pulse laser batteries.
Support Craft: 26 embarked Banshee multirole fighters, 4 Arcadia shuttlecraft, 1 fuel tanker.

Considered lucky ships by Boardies, Fanworks BBs have barely been in service for over a year and have already racked up a history of hair-raising engagements, bombardments, assaults, and escapes-by-the-skin-of-their-teeth. Overgunned, overengined, and with crews specifically picked for daring and initiative, the vessels have no business surviving...but perhaps The Boss's apparent love for them has something to do with their successes. Whatever the reason, newbies clamour for places aboard them - it ensures that, at some point, they will be called upon to Save All Civilisation.

The decision to move as much of the Board as possible into high orbit brought with it a need for heavy mobile elements capable of protecting the new infrastructure. With Board/FLEET relations still touchy, and with even the continued presence of FLEET uncertain as the various ships were reorganised or even recalled by their distant home governments, High Command (with a little prodding from Upstairs) rapidly seized the chance to grab as much of the newcomers' expertise and technology as possible, with Board ingenuity filling the gaps where needed. With commendable speed, a design was pushed through for a medium-scale capital ship capable of both supporting Board operations in orbit and intervening decisively on the ground where necessary, built using hybrids of literally every theory of advanced technology available at the time.

The result, while cutting-edge and fearsome in a fight, was a bug-ridden mess of teething troubles and high-maintenance, barely-understood equipment. Subsequent upgrades (mostly to training and operating practices) have since ironed out many of the difficulties. Finding the design to often be more useful than committing a full-scale starship, FLEET encourage their "little brothers" to build as many of these capable ships as needed, providing reasonable amounts of materials and training where necessary. For the exact definition of "reasonable", however...ask Intelligence. Don't expect a very useful answer.

Since then, the Fanworks has gone into full-scale production aboard the Funky Horror (indeed, the station's bays and construction equipment were originally designed with this class in mind), and the Board now field several full squadrons of the powerful ships with more on the way. They are proving dependable, capable, and a match for anything the Enemy can field on the ground. High Command hope that enough of these ships, and the troops they carry, will blanket the globe in rapid-reaction coverage and allow the Board to dispatch and support their insertion teams anywhere on the planet with impunity. As the class's impressive service record indicates, the plan has so far been an inspiring success - and the steady drone of their engines makes Evil flinch worldwide.

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