Maritza's Minions

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" In the beginning there was CRFH, and Maritza created it, and fans saw that it was good. And the fans went forth and multiplied the forum posts, surpassing the limits of reason, And the posters to the forum also did comics, and their comics were published, and they were enjoyable. And these cartoonists are Maritza's Minions.... "

Maritza's Minions is the group formed by each and every cartoonist inspired by CRFH to make their own comic. The following is a partial list of Maritza's Minions as of September 2002. The original (but quite outdated) one was located at

Editor's note: This list also got outdated... since 2004...

A 2-D Life by Cheng "C" Wang

Allusions of Gaia (inactive)

Angel Knights

Anything But by Doodler

Blotto Street by Maboo

Eternal Caffeine Junkie by Stephanie "elvengrrl" Burrows

Bricks by Kathleen Le Pirate

Burning Moon by Coota (on hold)

Dreamtime by Andrew "didjeridrew" Sawtelle (gone)

Faces by Alex "Silver Adept" Byrne

Insanity Inc by ElCarpeto (on hold)

Just One of Those Days by Sean "Teresias" Beardsley (hasn't started yet)

LGM's comics by Luis "Locoluis" Gonzalez (gone)

Life in #CRFH by Vincent "Greyeyes" Marable (on hold)

Link to the Boards by Josh Lamont Coffin

Paradox Trip by Kiggy

Pocket by Kimberly Scott (inactive)

Psiogen's comics

Queen of Wands by Aeire

SMAPDI by Eterock

Strawberry Tokyo Girls by Ellen and Kerry

Sucks to be me by Godboy

The Call of Whatever by Mark "Alfedenzo" Sherry and Elizabeth "Random Dragon" Sherry

UC Rats by Elliot "Woapalanne" Shiffrin

Weishaupt Scholars by Michael Martin

Xenith by Aeire

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