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The (current) Maintainer of the [[Family Tree|Boardie Family Tree]].
The (current) Maintainer of the [[Family Tree|Boardie Family Tree]].
[[Edward Tohr|PFF Profile]] [[Eduarda Tohr|alternate]] [[Chartreuse|number two]]. [[Fletcher|Another one]].
[[Edward Tohr|PFF Profile]] [[Eduarda Tohr|alternate]] [[Chartreuse|number two]]. [[Gregory Fletcher|Another one]].
[[Category: Active Users|Edward Tohr]]
[[Category: Active Users|Edward Tohr]]

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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
Nuclearwaste.png Edward Tohr icon_mini_message.gif
Gender male.png
His Epic Majesty

Post Emperor of the Board, Lightning Mage of Klutzy Deadliness (First Class), Chestbursting Father of His/Her/It/His Eminence, Default Her (un)Serene Highness Chartreuse, Computer Lab Operator Par Excellence:

Edwardas Tohrius Magnus. (thanks, Voice)

NightStar / #crfh: Edward_Tohr

The Boards


Posting, playing video games, and generally being a computer nerd.

Favorite Food:

Anything spicy.

Favorite Color:

Green, Chartreuse.

Favorite Sport:

Does posting count? Icon_razz.gif

Most Important:



Arguments. Closemindedness. Hypocrites. SPAM!!!


IT Nerd.

A little bit about me... I work at a Help Desk in a computer lab at the local community college. I post a lot. I don't know what to put here. I also, along with Euphrosyne and SereneChaos used to delete spam here, before the upgrade.

The (current) Maintainer of the Boardie Family Tree.

PFF Profile alternate number two. Another one.

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