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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
Nuclearwaste.png Edward Tohr icon_mini_message.gif
Gender male.png
His Epic Majesty

Post Emperor of the Board, Lightning Mage of Klutzy Deadliness (First Class), Chestbursting Father of His/Her/It/His Eminence, Default Her (un)Serene Highness Chartreuse, Computer Lab Operator Par Excellence:

Edwardas Tohrius Magnus. (thanks, Voice)

NightStar / #crfh: Edward_Tohr

The Boards


Posting, playing video games, and generally being a computer nerd.

Favorite Food:

Anything spicy.

Favorite Color:

Green, Chartreuse.

Favorite Sport:

Does posting count? Icon_razz.gif

Most Important:



Arguments. Closemindedness. Hypocrites. SPAM!!!


IT Nerd.

A little bit about me... I work at a Help Desk in a computer lab at the local community college. I post a lot. I don't know what to put here. I also, along with Euphrosyne and SereneChaos used to delete spam here, before the upgrade.

The (current) Maintainer of the Boardie Family Tree.

PFF Profile alternate number two. Another one. And the twins.

And then this guy.

... Wow, I have quite a few characters, don't I... Icon_razz.gif

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