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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

A ghost town and old factory complex sitting in farmland around the small Mexican town of Acancéh, this facility nestles above a maze of rock tunnels and halls, carved and sectioned from deep natural caverns, poking beneath the surface at a high-security airstrip and the aforementioned town. The tunnels also have connections to the local rail network to allow large shipments to be routed here for transport to the Funky Horror, as the modern Acancéh is the Board's main launch facility for flights to their HQ. A high perimeter fence surrounds the airstrip to keep out uninvited guests, and a powerful defence grid has been installed closer to the site itself to fend off the more persistent.

A very, very old Board base, and a place where Boadies hung out even before it was a base, Acancéh has been somewhere the Board put things for Quite Some Time. It holds a place in Board myth as where the Goddess stood when She created the world, and the oldest building in the base structure is a small, domed, and empty building that supposedly marks the exact spot...although you'd have to take the caretakers' word for it since Herself is rarely seen here outside of formal occasions, preferring to lurk in Deck Zero aboard the Funky Horror these days. What is known is that the base is built in and around unusually rich deposits in rare and dense metals - iridium, remarkably pure iron, and several radioactive ores. Given the proximity of the entire Yucatan peninsula to the immense crater where the Dinosaur-Killer asteroid is thought to have struck, it is highly likely Acancéh was originally built for mining.

This abundance of precious metals directly led to the base's finest hour, when it hosted the immense launch platforms and construction hangars that assembled components of the Funky Horror prior to launch. Now that the "mother yards" have finished their work, most of the equipment has been shipped to orbit for the station's drydocks, leaving the above-ground skeletons that slowly vanish as recycling teams break them apart for parts - all that remains now are the huge launch gantries, now used to dock Fanworks BBs. These days, alterations below-ground have installed machine shops and vast vehicle hangars, holding the armoured units and arcane, world-altering devices the Board keep in reserve "just in case".

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