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  • Player: Remnant ofFear
  • Name: Louis Jaeger, Often refered to by his codename 'Adan'
  • Species or Race: Geno-Human (genetically engineered humans bred for warfare.)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 41 (as of 2008)
  • Height: 2.1m
  • Weight: 100kg (without armor)
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Typical Clothing: Usually either a police bomb squad uniform, his armor, or random casual attire.
  • Appearance: Physically identical to his brother Alexander, though with a crew cut instead of poofy hair.
  • Occupation: Brigadier General turned defector.
  • Alignment: ????
  • Characteristic quote: ""I only joined him because i belived his aim was peace. I did what had to be done. I can't say I'm proud of it...""
  • Strengths: Due to genetic engineering, his strength, hand-eye coordination, and speed are above normal for a human.
  • Weaknesses: because he uses Medium armor, he has no access to Magic or Magitech.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Adan can use virtually any weapon at extreme range as if it were a sniper weapon, assuming the weapon is capable of propelling it's ammunition that far.
  • Weaponry: Adan caries the standard Gauss rifle for the, now disband, army that trained him, as well as a 9mm pistol and an array of explosives in his backpack. these are standard issue for marines.
  • Equipment: The light Scout armor is designed specifically for deflecting bullets and cushioning blunt impacts. it consists of two layers, the under layer is a one-piece suit of a heat and chemical resistant composite, while the outer layer is a polycarbonate designed to be resistant to both bullet impacts from pre-gauss weapons, and low-grade energy weapons. In addition it can be equipped with a range of magitech orbs, grenades as secondary weapons. in extreme cold, the underlining may become stiff limiting movement. Unlike the other two, it doesn't have noisy joint servos or lights on it, making it easier to damage, but ideal for stealth.

The medium weight Combat Armor he wears, makes him completely bulletproof and allows for a 20% reduction of impact damage from energy weapons when properly maintained. it can also be equipped with a power/ammo pack for heavy weapons, an automated medication dispenser, or a supply pack containing repair tools and medical supplies depending on the mission. Under conditions of extreme heat or cold, the joints tend to lock up, and the H.U.D. crashes.

The heavier Zero-G armor lacks the backpack attachment, but has significantly thicker, temperature-resistant armor designed for the extreme heat and cold of re-entry and high-altitude flight, an internal AutoMed, a personal shield comperable to those mounted on their androids, and a set of flight thrusters. However, the armor is extremely noisy and slow on the ground, making you an easy to locate and hit target. (several of these systems were nonfunctional when the phantoms first arrived due to poor maintainance.)

Adan prefers Combat Armor, but if the mission calls for it may use the others.

  • Likes: His younger brother, his nephew, this new world, word puzzles.
  • Dislikes: politics, being in charge, one of his more loud-mouthed subordinates, who his entire team refer to as 'the psyco-bitch' because of her violent mood swings.

• History: Originally from an alternate earth previously unknown to us, Adan was bred and trained to be a soldier of the Ansi Imperium. After their military disbanded Adan was among the first to rally around the former emperor, and their new leader, later nicknamed 01. He had fully believed 01's claims of reuniting their former country, and their world under a banner of peace and unity, and was the founder of the underground movement against him when that vision turned to mass murder and genocide. Adan has spent years trying to break his people free of their programming and implants that make them willing participants in 01's bloodbath. only a small number have been successfully freed though, and several of those who were had already spent too long under 01's control to ever truly break away from the 'living war machine' mentality.

• Personality: Adan like most geno-humans is fiercely loyal, and a natural leader. somewhat of a contradiction since he lead the movement to overthrow his human master. He has occasionally behaved in a manner suggesting he is jealous of the fact that his brother never had to fight 01's control due to becoming a mercenary after. Unlike Ace, who's chip is still active, Adan is free to think for himself. He can be very gruff and no-nonsense when on duty, often barking orders to his four lieutenants, especially swift when she's being an idiot. The only time he uses one of the other's real name is when they're annoying him a lot, or it's a civilian social function. The only time he seems to let his 'walls' down is when they aren't around. Very much a strategically minded person, he neither learned nor inherited any non-combat skills save for explosive disarmament, and becomes extremely agitated when someone expects him to do something he wasn't trained to do. as a result, before the war started up in his world, he was working as a police bomb squad member. Here it serves as his cover-job.

in December of 2009, Ace and twenty three other individuals, including Remnant, Hazen, Adan, the PHANTOM comandos, and Alexis all disappeared around the same time. so far only Remnant has been located.

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