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  • Player: Remnant of Fear
  • Name: Alexis D. Walker
  • Species or Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 35
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Hair color: Redish brown
  • Eye color: Green
  • Occupation: Deep cover agent infiltrating the board side of nemo for hazel green.
  • Alignment: Nutral Evil
  • Characteristic quote: ""You're already dead, you just don't know it yet.""
  • Strengths: Alexis is deadly accurate with her pistols, and equally skilled as a sniper, though she doesn't often carry the weaponry for that.
  • Weaknesses: Her personality. She can be extremely prideful and arrogant when her 'barriers are down', the rest of the time her emotions and personality traits are repressed giving her a stoic-like attitude. The outbursts have cost her in the past, often leading her to taking unnecessary risks, or overconfident behavior.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Her skill with firearms in general, borders on the supernatural at times, with unexplained results.
  • Weaponry: A Scimitar style gun blade, Subsonic sniper rifle, and dual custom-built subsonic pistols
  • Equipment: IMF style mask making kit, portable computer, and electronic code breaking devices concealed within the shell of a fake FLEET issue post.
  • Likes: Weaponry
  • Dislikes: People, Hazel


Pre-Bordie: Born in newyork city, a human, she had a pretty peaceful life until she was about six. Both her parents were military officers, and had been killed in a war. After that she moved and went to live with her godparents. unfortunately, Reginald, the father, turned out to be an abusive alcoholic. something that led to her and her 'brother' (Reginald's son) tu run away.

In the end she spent from age eight to eighteen as a street-kid and a thief, before being recruited by Hazel Green as one of her 'off the books' employees. Simple job relay, just hunt down anyone the boss thinks is a threat.

Unfortunately for her, due to a recent altercation on board Nemo, she's gotten on hazel's bad side, been dragged into a power struggle for the base, and despite escaping now knows too much about The Board for her own good. something that's left her stuck trying to evade both parties...

Working for the board: After being captured by Dunedan, alexis wound up working as WierdSci's junior tester as a kind of punishment... Or a bad joke... Or possibly a filing error in the personnel department... She's not really sure.

Her most noticeable accomplishment while there has been making the prototype 'Harbinger' mobile suit nuke itself during a field test. Word has it they're working on a 'Harbinger II' but she's doing whatever she can to stay OFF that project.

More recently, an incident at the board's favorite bar, Moxz0rz's, has caused her to become a Kitsune, or spirit fox. For whatever reason, her 'back story' (memories) were also 'retoconned' by Remnant's malfunctioning device. As a result she actually believes that she is and always has been the spirit fox Yoko Ayumu, and has merely been assuming human form.

the damage done by the retocon beam has caused her personality to shift slightly, and may undergo a change in the near future. Though she does show indications of a hidden affection for Dorin.

However, since 2009, these changes seem to have reversed themselves. Believed to have disappeared along with several others in December of 2009, unknown to the board she's actually still aboard nemo, working under cover for hazel, as if the events of june 2008 never occured. as official records now show ace was never reassigned to Nemo, (since, as far as those records are concerned ace never existed) the domino effect of events that led to her cover being blown never started.

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