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  • Player: Dragonlet
  • Name: Bankan
  • Species or Race: Swamp Hunter/Cyborg
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: At least 500. Looks to be in early to mid-twenties.
  • Height: 6’
  • Weight: Slim yet well-muscled, looks to be about 180.
  • Hair color: Medium brown, with lighter brown highlights from the sun. Usually tied back in a messy ponytail that just brushes his shoulders.
  • Eye color: Usually dark green; Yellow (nightvision); Red (targeting, transformed state); Light Blue (recording); Dark Blue (thermal); Orange (scanning); Other colors exist that are yet to be seen. Usually only the left eye, which is fully artificial, changes, but on occasion both eyes change. It is unknown why this is.
  • Occupation: Archer, warrior, psychic, mage.
  • Alignment: Ostensibly works for Dragonlet. He seems to act mostly under his own motivations, however. It is unknown if Dragonlet knows this or is concerned about it.
  • Characteristic quote: "I like blowing things up. Especially when they make a satisfyingly loud boom."
  • Strengths: High stamina, speed, and strength, further enhanced in transformed state, breathes underwater and in poisonous or thin atmospheres for limited periods of time. Enhanced intelligence, especially in combat tactics.
  • Weaknesses: Weaknesses: Hot-tempered, eventually has to breathe, distrustful, too rarely thinks before he speaks or acts. A self-described pessimist. Tends to talk a lot, and at inappropriate times.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Too many to list.
  • Weaponry: Longbow and Arrows, Short Sword (a claymore), Dagger, Magic. Scooter (beam cannon that morphs onto his left arm). Siggy (heavily modified Sig Sauer pistol). Mark (likewise modified H & K SOCOM). Others used when he feels like it.
  • Equipment: Cybernetically-enhanced body, Electronically-Routed Integral Neurosystem (ERIN). She manifests as a female voice and metallic female head in his thoughts and onscreen. Morphics that allow him to change form. Magic.
  • Likes: Nature, being enigmatic, telling stories, being funny, fighting, tinkering, smoking his pipe, the color gray.
  • Dislikes: Snakes, dishonorable people, people who hurt children, backstabbers, talking about the particularly dark parts of his past.

Always ready with a joke or a snarky comment, at first glance, he would seem to be the scrappy, happy go lucky sort. However, the few who have seen deeper know that this is mostly a façade, a mere continuation of a previous disposition, masking a man who, while ultimately kind-hearted, is deeply scarred, physically, mentally, and emotionally. When this part of his nature surfaces, he is somber and introspective, his words are often harsh and biting, and, while he is normally quite sarcastic, his humor takes a distinctly dark and unsettling turn, which is usually quite disturbing to those around him. His parents and younger brother were killed when he was young, in a battle he believes was destined to take his life, but didn’t. His real name, currently unknown, is passed down in his family, to each first born son, as a curse, marking the bearer as a sort of sacrifice, fated to die “by a serpent’s fang or coil.” He has a younger sister who doesn’t know that he’s still alive. He is a very loyal friend, often taking on the role of an older brother to those who look up to him. He offers advice and frank opinions accordingly, and with a healthy dose of realism. He may seem like a screwball, but underneath, he is usually level-headed and cool under pressure. However, he does tend to panic at times, usually when someone he cares about is in danger. He doesn’t believe he deserves to be alive, and is ashamed of his cowardly fear of his own death, in that long ago battle that cost him his life in a way he never expected. He was once married, but his wife, Kara, a human, is thought to be long dead.

He rescued Likuru, more commonly called Liku, a young kitsune, when the youngling's mother was killed by a demon slayer, and brought him to live with Lady Dragonlet. He has since served as a sort of uncle or big brother to the mischievous apparition, who, while having reached the age of 450, is only physically aged to adolescence in his humanoid form. Liku is very playful, and inadvertently often gets into trouble, true to his kitsune nature.

Bankan has also taken in the quiet genius Dorinial de Tira, Dorin for short, a runaway from an oppressive caste society. Though human in appearance, Dorin is actually a termite apparition. His heritage shows in the special gland in his throat. In workers, a healing liquid is secreted, in soldiers, a potent acidic poison. By performing surgery on himself to activate his dormant venom gland, Dorin became able to use both, but also performed a forbidden act by trying to rise above his station. Thanks to the surgery, Dorin has a faint scar near the base of his throat, and his soft voice has taken on a slight but noticeable rasp. He is a kind person, skilled in chemistry and herbal medicine, but is also a bit soft-hearted and meek. He is, however, a fiercely loyal ally when it comes down to it, and will lay his life on the line for the people he cares about. Though they are around the same age, he often calls Bankan oniisan, big brother, as a sign of respect and fraternal affection. Bankan often calls him otoutosan, little brother, in return.

Liku calls them both oji-san, uncle.

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