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[ from "Star Trek: The Next Generation", after a species of cyborg that ruthlessly seeks to incorporate all sentient life into itself ]

A boardie coalition, founded by Ronin, Talix, and !CrusherJoe, that, like the original Borg, seeks to incorporate all the boardies into itself, except that the !BoardieBorg members keep a certain autonomy (or at least they claim so). It originated because, in those days, there was tendency of Talix, !CrusherJoe and Ronin to both post shortly after each other, and/or share opinions/thoughts/ideas which were remarkably similar. This led many people to think that their minds were linked somehow. To recognize and celebrate this almost uncanny phenomenon, they added a "!BoardieBorg Array Declaration" to their posting signature files (these Array Tags are still used by the original three, even today). Dotty was the first female !BoardieBorg, volunteering for assimilation almost immediately after the official formation and recognition of the original three.

Once upon a time, the !BoardieBorg faced a Resistance, which was an opposite coalition whose goal was to dismantle the !BoardieBorg. This turned into a War Thread, after which the Resistance faded away. See also The Kitten Collective, and Board Societies and Coalitions.

Update (February 2004). A new version of the !BoardieBorg, often called "Newbie Borg" or "!NewBorg", has been slowly assimilating new boardies. It was supposedly started by a boardie nicknamed Doctor Emmit Brown, and has since called FLEET's attention, albeit for a short while (it wouldn't be fair for the !NewBorg to confront something as big as FLEET...)

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