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the armored gun nut

Science Fiction War Thread/Generic:

Boo is a homo sapiens, a plain old fashioned human being. This is not to say he is a weakling - he's almost 2m tall and weighs over 95 kilos, all of it muscle.

In combat, he wears an extremely heavy and cumbersome suit of powered armor. It looks more or less like the Marine armor from StarCraft. This armor provides exceptional protection against purely physical attacks, as well as good (though not perfect) protection against chemicals, bioweapons, and physical magic damage (fireballs and the like).

The suit also has a 'main character radar' that tells Boo when another Boardie is close. Similar to the radar in Goldeneye (if you've ever played the game) it only works in two dimensions, but it does make it hard for someone to sneak up on him.

He has a small personal cloaking device attached, but for some reason it is notoriously unreliable, AND he still shows up on heat sensors for some reason. The Boards best technicians have been working on it, but the problems persist.

For weapons, he uses an array of pseudomodern weapons. An H-14 assault rifle fires steel slugs at approximately speed of sound. An enchanted, platinum-plated .45 handgun (a gift from Starlock) functions as sidearm and hold-out pistol. An 18" vibroblade and a four antimatter grenades fill out his arsenal.

All of his weapons except the grenades have been specially modified to be magic piercing. Arcane, psionic, and divine protections simply don't work. His bullets don't dispel them or go around them; they simply pass through like the protections aren't there.

Boo is a mage-killer; he has no magic of his own, and has little protection (besides a strong will) against non-physical attacks. Furthermore, Boo is not nearly as fast as many of the other boardies - both by nature and because of his enormously heavy armor.

Fantasy War Thread

Boo, true to form, is still decked out in armor. This time, a full suit of steel and silver platemail, minus the helm. He fights with a greatsword (a Zweihander, more specifically) or a silver headed, flanged mace. He wears an enchanted malachite and onyx necklace to enhance his strength and armor. He also wears other jewelry, pendants of ruby and emerald given to him by fellow boardies, that protect him from hostile magic and demons.

In this incarnation, however, Boo is an Ordinal, a soldier-priest devoted to Law. He can cast a handful of protective spells and spells that enhance his own combat prowess, though he lacks both healing and offensive spells. Boo prefers to rely on brawn over magic, and uses his spells to enhance his already formidable combat skills.

Modern War Thread

Decked out in a black suit and expensive shades, Boo looks more like a secret service agent than anything else. He wears an ultralight Kevlar II vest under his suit, and has a pair of handguns in a harness under his coat. One is a Beretta 9mm, the other a personalized, enchanted .45 given to him by Starlock. Ammunition for both - still magic piercing - are in the harness and in an ammo belt built into the suit pants. He still wears the malachite necklace (I'll take my protecion where I can get it!).

Since a modern war thread tends to rely on hand-to-hand combat and a sword just isn't his style, Boo has learned some martial arts. When he's just sparring, or wants to show off, he fights with the American Karate style, with an emphasis on powerful hand strikes and slow, showy, powerful kicks. When he's fighting for his life, he uses a self-taught variation of Ape (southern kung fu) style called Hammer. Unlike karate, Hammer is usually fought as close to the opponent as Boo can get, and emphasizes elbow and knee fighting, as well as trips, head-butts, and other clumsy/brutal attacks. It lacks the finesse (and the defense) of more long range styles, but it allows Boo to overpower faster or more skilled opponents.

Fleet War Threads

Boo isn't too proud to blatantly rip off Star Wars when it comes to Fleet threads. His command ship, usually the biggest and best armored ship in his fleet, is always named the ISF Dominator.

He uses Star Destroyers (class Victory I, II, and Imperial) along with Interdictors, assault frigates, and swarms and swarms of TIE fighters. He's never used a superweapon (Super Star Destroyer, Sun Crusher, etc.) before, but he reserves the right to do so should the power levels in a war thread get high enough.

On the ground, he commands highly disciplined, white-armored Imperial Marines (which look suspiciously similar to Stormtroopers, oddly enough), as well as AT-ATs, Super AT-ATs, AT-STs, speeders, hovertanks, jetpack equipped Air Marines, Storm Commandos, and uses TIEs as atmospheric fighters. He prefers to fight open, defensive battles, where stormtroopers in bunkers and trenches can inflict maximum damage to attacking infantry and emplaced defenses can destroy ships and walkers.

Since Imperial gear and technology can't usually compete with the tech levels normally thrown around, Boo tends to favor mass attacks and close range fighting where he can use his numerical superiority to best effect.

Famous Quotes:

"Stand and deliver, that my hamster might have a better look at you."

"Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, The only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm. My friend and companion ever since my h-h-head wound, he will lead us to victory! Onward to the Gnoll Stronghold to the west! Tarry not! We must go soon!"

"Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!"

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