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[CLASSIFIED] is an organization, which may or may not be integrated into the Board It's primary goal is the destruction of the Board organization known as FLEET. This is still hidden from the Board, who has been told that it is an organization for the protection of the Earth, technically true.


Started by The Captain, [CLASSIFIED] was originally a meant to be a secret peacekeeping organization. Even before he recruited any others to help him, The Captain discovered that he wasn't alone in the technologically advanced secret organization business.

The Captain's first discovery was the undercurrents amongst many powerful people and organizations. They all seemed to lead to one person or group, though he didn't discover that the Green family was the power until much later. This discovery lead him to extreme paranoia.

He began to focus his research towards the development of psionics and passive sensors. He worked mostly alone on these until he had an artifically psychic but still rudimentary extension of his own brain. It worked well enough to make him feel safe enough to bring others into the research with him. He weeded out several spies himself, most from Hazel Green.

Then he made a discovery that changed the direction of the organization. One day while working on experimental sensors, which might reveal things hidden from normal means of detection or nothing at all, he discovered something that he never expected. He discovered the Board.

The discovery of the Board scared the wits out of the Captain. His paranoia kicked into even higher gear. He redoubled his efforts to hide [CLASSIFIED]. Apparently, it didn't fool the Board, as, shortly afterward, he was confronted by a Boardie. The Boardie, Shadow Candybar (Thank Hyp3rB14D3 for the name), told The Captain about the FLEET invasion. He offered The Captain help with staying invisible to the Board and Board technology in exchange for help with the repulsion of the FLEET invasion. The Captain accepted.

With the boost of Board technology, The Captain began to improve his preferred psionics technology, which seemed to be overshadowed by the Board's research into Magitech. The improved tech allowed him to expand the organization while staying hidden relatively safely.

Current Status

As of now, [CLASSIFIED] has just made contact with the main body of the Board. They had been asked to act as if they believe the Board is actually an arm of FLEET.

[CLASSIFIED]'s current capabilities aren't terribly great. They currently have:

Two units of soldiers with powered armor- Most are ex-mercinaries. The suits are based very loosely on the FLEET standard. Each unit consists of twenty men.

One Psy Armor unit- A unit of twenty men equipt with power armor specially tailored to work with their psionic abilities. Perminantly installed at the [CLASSIFIED] Main Base.

One Psy Flight unit- Three retired airforce pilots with psychic potential who have been modified to link with their aircraft, which greatly increases their psionic capabilities. Their ships are built with built in warp devices, which are usually their main propulsion system.

One Q Ops (functional) unit- Ten individuals with minor psionic abilities, originally, The Captain modified their brains to link together. When together, they form something very close to a hive mind, and their telepathic powers increase exponentially. There were other projects, but the Q Ops were the only ones to remain functional.

SA Roadkiller- Called Roady by everyone in [CLASSIFIED] except The Captain. He's a point and shoot. They're never sure if you're shooting a military grade laser with surgical precision or a plasma cannon big enough to take out the moon, but he always seems to get the job done.

Six Psy Ops units- Each Psy Ops unit consists of five men, each with a different psionic specialty. Each unit has a machine, in backpack form, which will boost their abilies, as long as they stay within one mile of the unit. Not as strong as the Q Ops, they are almost never sent into direct conflict.

Five Steath Ops units- Each Stealth Ops unit consists of three men. All are trained in espionage, stealth movement and the use of the few techno-gadgets that they get.

Ten mages- The mages are all weak and rather undersupplied. The Captain had determined that magic was too unpredicatble and easily discovered to have too much funding until [CLASSIFIED] was larger and more able to hide things. That day has yet to come. The main job of the mages is to keep the Tanks supplied with enough energy to resurrect Roadkiller and The Captain, if he ever manages to get killed.

Research and Operations Personel- The actual extent of [CLASSIFIED]'s research and operation personel is nebulous, even to The Captain himself. Few of the personel are under full time employment to [CLASSIFIED]. Most of [CLASSIFIED]'s scientists work there during vacations or time between major jobs. Q Ops places locks on their memories that would break their minds before opening. Even the regular psychics can't break the locks. The Q Ops themselves are required to re-open them.

Communications- Almost all of [CLASSIFIED]'s communications are in channels very similar to those that the Board uses. Their channels are all very, very heavily encrypted. One special exception to the similarity to the Board channels is [CLASSIFIED]'s "warp locator signal." The exact way the signal works is unknown, but it seems to have both an electromagnetic and psionic portion. It seems that both are generatable by even modern era equipment, but to control the psionic portion requires specialized equipment.

Data Collection- [CLASSIFIED] boasts a wide array of very sensitive passive detection units, ranging from your average telescope to magic and psionics detection units. Unfortunately almost all are ground-based, as the Board seemed to dominate space, though they do have a very small number of satellites. For data collection about people and other undetectable goings on, the psychics come to a lot of use.

Warp- Warp is a device that was accidentally discovered as a bizzare byproduct of the organization's research into psionics. The exact way the device works is only understandable by a psychic who has gone through it. Their attempts to explain tend to be amusing, though. The Warp Device functions as a teleporter. The device needs its target to broadcast the "warp locator signal" to lock on to. The Warp Device cannot grab anything behind or place anything behind heavy energy shielding, preventing them from doing something like teleporting troops onto the Funky Horror or anything like that. Being warped causes extreme disorientation, not only affecting the inner ear, but also parts of the brain that deal with self-orientation. So, up is down, down is left, left also left, but there doesn't seem to be a right. Meanwhile, your hand is somewhere in the middle of your gut and your feet are about a foot above your head, while your knees are still in the right place. That is, if your thighs weren't on the ends of your arms. They quickly developed a drug to counteract the warp sickness, which ends the sickness almost immediately, but only prevents it up to half an hour in the future. If the drug is not administered, the sickness lasts for about two minutes. Likely the most uncomfortable two minutes of your life.

The Tanks- The Tanks are [CLASSIFIED]'s attempt to duplicate the Board's RESPAWN system. The most impressive piece of magitech in the organization's arsenal, the Tanks are merely storage devices for the magic of specialized ressurection spells. The Tanks can store enough magic for three ressurections, though Roadkiller's tends to stay at two. The mages act as batteries for the machines, but it still takes them ten hours to put a charge into the Tanks, and Roadkiller makes it hard to keep up sometimes. The Tanks are able to ressurect only the person to whom they are attuned. [CLASSIFIED] has only two operational Tanks, one for the Captain, the other for Roadkiller. There is a third near completion, though it is not currently reserved to anyone.

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