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Dave's pet, a black cat. Originally a sacrifice to the Devil in Mushroomies from Hell, it revived after Dave's soul bounced over it.

Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.


Young, in cat terms, male (and abundantly so), and born to unknown parents in an unknown litter, Chester would be considered uninteresting even by cat standards and condemned to not even rate a historical footnote if he hadn't, one day, stopped to swipe at a twitching, suspiciously-rubber mouse.

The mouse was being used as bait by Waldo Adams, as ever doing the dirty work in his despicable partnership with Stephen Archer, the two most unlikely (and yet most successful) occultists of the current generation. They needed a black cat as a sacrifice in their ongoing quest to summon Satan.

It worked. The ritual worked. And if David Jones and a posse of his friends hadn't barged in, Chester would've ended his short life on a cheap slab of fake marble bought from a home improvements centre and used, until then, as an ashtray for cigarettes a step removed from tobacco. Exactly what happened afterwards is beyond Speculation's ken, but within minutes David was apparently dead and Roger was attempting to fend off the Dark Lord with an unloaded shotgun.

That worked too, making the shotgun a holy relic and apparently proving the Adversary is a bit of a butterfingers when hit by both barrels. This fact alone would've earned Chester a place of honour (from FLEET, for providing the immense propaganda coup of proving He's fallible), but the little cat wasn't done yet. Proving that perhaps nature abhors a spiritual vacuum as much as a physical one, somehow enough of David's detached soul leaked back into the feline and kick-started him back to life.

The result is apparently a bizarre gestalt – not quite a split personality, but both cat and human share feedback from the other's mental state, and Chester seems to be a lot more intelligent (even extending to borrowing Dave's mannerisms – he's been observed blowing raspberries more than once, which is quite a feat with feline lips). The occult nature of black cats is known - M Division postulate that the colour means the fur absorbs other energies as well as visible light – but just how much Chester had to do with David's revival remains unknown. Ironically, this means Waldo and Steve have redoubled their efforts to capture and sacrifice the animal...a regular battle of mystically-enhanced wits that Boardies regularly cheer on and occasionally interfere in.

For all he inspires cries of "AWWWW!" from them, Chester unnerves the Board. Just how much of the original soul is in there? What IS the nature of his link to Dave? And, most worrying of all, what happens when Chester's feline lifespan reaches its natural end? Will David survive?

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