Demon Cat

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One of the board's oldest horrors; depicted in a boardie art from [thekittylin] as a really wicked creature. Her human form is kinda cute, though; a particularly good photo of Demon Cat in a long red dress (usually though to be made of vynil) circulated for a while. Nowadays she prefers to be called Kitty, and she frequently deprecates her old nickname with the phrase "Kitty is not DC". Visit [her band's website|].

Quote from her signature: "EteRock: It should be noted that I fear Demon Cat more than I do you." "TChernobyl: Why?, because she has claws?" "EteRock: No because she can rip your heart in two and have you wanting more" "Tchernobyl: Good Point"

Oh, and Demon Cat is known not only to claim Dave for herself, but also to snarl at any other female that would make such claim. Maritza "settled" this issue by drawing a picture of Demon Cat and her harem: Lasersaber Jedi Dave, normal Dave and angel Dave (obviously commission art, of course, but what the hey. ;))

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