Desiree Rouzan

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  • Player: SereneChaos
  • Name: Desiree Rouzan
  • Species or Race: Vampiric Faerie
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 20
  • Height: 5'4
  • Weight: 145
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Navy Blue
  • Occupation: Currently she's working as an Assassin/Spy for [CLASSIFIED]
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Strengths: First and foremost, Desiree is Immortal. As such, Desiree can levitate/fly, and read minds. She has the strength and speed of an immortal, which bolsters the already strong powers she acquired by birth. She can control the elements, fire and lightning being her strong suit. This makes her significantly less susceptible to flames than typical immortals. Her ability to change her appearance at will bolsters her ability to be a great spy. Since she can read minds, it's near impossible for anything to sneak up on her. Unless they are a powerful psionic and knowingly blocking their minds, Desiree will pick up their presence. Similarly, she can generally scent people from quite a distance. Her need for blood has honed her senses to hunt for the scent of living creatures. Weaknesses: Prolonged durations of "sun walking" will weaken her greatly, as will lack of sustenance. AI's and powerful psionics tend to be the only ones able to "sneak" up on her. Her ability to pick up on psychic powers, and blood scents greatly decreases in large crowded areas. It would make it near impossible for her to know who, specifically, is coming near her and in some cases make it impossible for her to detect a being at all. Decapitation and being engulfed in flames are the only ways to kill her.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Reading minds, shifting appearance, living forever.
  • Weaponry: Her fangs, her powers. She currently uses a Gravity Grenade launcher, presented to her upon joining the ranks of CLASSIFIED. She also carries a sword and two daggers that she coats with various poisons and other things to injure her opponents.
  • Equipment: Again, it's mostly dependent on given job requirements
  • Likes: Fire, control, the night, reading minds, bars/clubs, frightening her enemies,
  • Dislikes: Her sister Keaira, daylight, her wings, animals, nature, emotions, being confused, RESPAWN tanks, being transported places without her knowledge

Appearance: Desiree has long jet black hair. Her naturally light blue eyes were changed to a penetrating Navy Blue when she was turned. Generally she wears blacks and dark blues in velvets, leathers and silks. She generally wears outfits that will help conceal her ruined and worthless wings, only showing them when the effect would be helpful to her cause.Her wings, when she chooses to show them, are feathered. The are mostly black streaked with red. Scorch marks and tears can be seen when the wings are open.

Early Years: Having been raised by a faerie father, and a mother who's background is mostly unknown(though she is at least part elf),Desiree was never one to follow rules. She rebelled and fought her parents all her life. After stumbling upon a conversation of her father's, Desiree learned of her older sister Keaira. Desiree began to go out of her way to betray and hurt her father. She was supposed to be the only child, and was less than pleased that there was a blood relative out there that, technically, had more right to family secrets and power than she had. She befriended no one if they weren't going to serve a purpose for her, and routinely lured men to her just to use them and cast them off. After a particularly heated argument with her father, Desiree set off to live on her own.

Not long thereafter, Desiree found herself, once again, in her favorite club. Glancing around the room her eyes fell on a handsome man at the bar and she sidled up to make her move. She bantered with the Vampire for awhile and was pleased to find she had no problem enticing him. However, after a short while Desiree could not be certain which one of them was luring the other. Refusing to acknowledge that she might be less powerful, Desiree "pushed" the man into the idea of leaving together. The next week became a blur as Desiree underwent her Change. The Vampire explained to her what she had become and showed her how to use her powers. It was while practicing her new abilities that Desiree realized the transformation had rendered her wings utterly useless. She decided to hide them, because to her they represented a weakness that the Vampire removed for her.

While she trained and hunted, Desiree began to realize she still had all her Fae powers. She came to find that her wings were not a weakness, as their warped appearance could be used to shock and scare victims, but an asset. In her eyes she was now stronger than her Immortal "teacher". One night, after he chastised her for her feeding habits again, Desiree sent a fireball at him, engulfing him in flames and effectively destroying him.Once she rid herself of her burden, she went out in search of Keaira.

Recently:Taking random jobs along the way, Desiree has finally found enough pieces of the puzzle to track Keaira to her place on the Board. All that is required now is to lay low,and wait until the opportune moment. In the meantime, she's made herself a regular at Moxz0rz's, where she met Roadkiller who has become her newest coworker. She was seen blatantly feasting on randoms during the sign-up for a recent warthread. Her lack of care for the lives of others was shown, as was her persistence to kill once she began the attack. A bit of a mix-up with some flying WeddingWarCake dropped her in the middle of the Wedding of her coworker and his wife Eduarda. Apparently she'd switched places with her sister Keaira, causing quite a stir as far as her boss, The Captain, and Keaira's boyfriend,Voice, were concerned.

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