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"The glasses? They're... special."
  • Player: euphrosyne
  • Name: Euphrosyne
  • Species or Race: Human (as far as I know)
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Mid-twenties
  • Height: 1.67m
  • Weight: 50-55kg
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Dark Brown/Black
  • Occupation: Character Assassin for hire / Less than skilled mercenary / Barmaid at Moxz0r’s
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (for now)
  • Characteristic quote: "That depends."
  • Strengths: Having an odd sense of humour at times that borders on... unedifying, which more rightly could be called a weakness. Slight immunity to perversion after special training with Stardrake. Also possesses a gross WPM of 78 - particularly useful in type-offs. As and when they occur. (They rarely do.)
  • Special Powers and Skills: Euphrosyne has the following skills: High-Heel Running, Really Unnerving Evil Eye, Use and Abuse of Exposition and Rhetoric with a touch of Irony. She also has some skill with bow and arrow, coupled with the patience to wait on a quarry if necessary. She swims fairly well and does not tire in the water easily (though this ability is hampered by her strange fear of Things In The Water That Want To Grab Me.) She is also training her Role-Playing and Pretence skills, and hopes to be able to be a Master of Mimicry (Disguise) one day.
    Knows at least 5 different ways to kill someone with a pair of stilettos. Says that her special power is "Vanity" - though the details and intricacies of this power have not yet been documented or observed.
    Alludes to knowing a bit about the crafting of magical objects.
    She has also begun magic apprenticeship with Stardrake.
    Of note is also her strange ability to create canon especially in partnership with Edward_Tohr
  • Weaponry: None thus far.
  • Equipment: A bag of holding and a Cupboard of Infinite Clothes + 1
  • Likes: Being too contrary for her own good.
  • Dislikes: Judgemental people, Scary clowns and… deep, brackish water.

People generally do not know what to think or say about her. Her actions are sometimes incomprehensible, though rarely malicious. She would rather lurk and observe than plunge into the action, would rather manipulate others into action than lead by example. Regardless of how much she reveals or how effusive she is in her behaviour, a part of her seems to remain locked far away, coolly assessing. This ensures that she does not lose her temper easily, but sometimes handicaps her ability to relate to others effectively, rendering her insensitive to others.

Not much is known of Euphrosyne's history by the Board members. She appeared rather mysteriously one day, befriending and becoming known to some of the Boardies through careful and unceasing posts. Several incidents mark her presence on the Board, such as " GLASSES!", the resurgence of wet t-shirt contests and most recently, Edward Tohr's child, Chartreuse. It is not known how large a role she had to play in his extraterrestrial kidnapping, but the circumstances surrounding this incident were classified "Outrageous".

She is hesitant to discuss her past. This is borne of her belief that people would not want to know her business since it isn’t honestly any of theirs to begin with. However, she will occasionally drop hints of having left something behind in a pique under likely unpleasant circumstances.




Euphrosyne grew up the only child in a mostly unremarkable family. The family would have been unremarkable had Dad and Mum not strangely decided to name their daughter after a Greek muse. (Fortunately, this has not seemed to have given her a complex. Probably.)

While providing for her needs, her parents did not affect much warmth. It was not that they did not love her; but they felt that visible displays of affection were unnecessary, when love could be conveyed by little acts of unannounced, preferably anonymous kindness. By and large, she grew up to be a woman who seemed to not place much store by emotional bonds or relationships – though this could have been misinterpretation of her unwillingness to show her fondness.

Love and Marriage

While taking a degree in Liberal Roguish Arts, Euphrosyne met a man. He wasn’t the man of her dreams. No violins played, no birds assaulted the senses with their shrilling and the first time their eyes met across a crowded room, hers wandered away to more interesting sights. However, the circumstances under which they finally met were memorable. The two happened to be taking a fresher course in ecology, and were out on a field trip to an estuary when Euphrosyne fell off the boat. Though a strong enough swimmer, she had her legs entangled in seaweed. She panicked, not knowing what held her, and kicked up quite a fuss even though she was in no real danger of drowning. The man who was not of her dreams dived in and freed her. It is not known if his actions at this point were purely altruistic because post-trauma, he started to pursue her.

Euphrosyne was hesitant at first, but out of a sense of gratitude, obliged his wooing. Nonetheless, he succeeded in achieving her reciprocation, eventually binding her in matrimony a year and a half later. She loved him, and though others said they were too young, they went ahead with it, helped in no small part by the fact that he was a brilliant student. After all, they reasoned, someone that smart should know what he’s doing.

Upon graduation, he was immediately offered a lucrative job as an artificer of magical storage items, having displayed unusual skill in this when he was completing his education. Indeed, he crafted and gifted Euphrosyne with her Bag of Holding when they were married, and later gave her the Cupboard of Infinite Clothing +1 for their first wedding anniversary. The second item was a project that he had been working on for much of his life, using some theoretical knowledge he had of quantum mechanics.

Euphrosyne, on the other hand, kept house, and spent most of her free time as a lady of leisure practicing archery at their estate, which was magically ensconced in a secret location to prevent competitors from trying to steal her husband’s work. While he spent long hours at work developing new magical items for commercial use, he also enjoyed working on his experimental projects in the basement laboratory, with his wife happy to assist when she could.


The picture of marital bliss was not to last. In their second year of marriage, Euphrosyne’s husband started an affair with a co-worker. She discovered it eventually, and he cited a growing lack of common interests and quality time between them as the reason for his straying. Though he deeply wanted to remain in the marriage, angry and hurt, Euphrosyne filed for divorce. Their separation was acrimonious – his anger was at her refusal to give him a second chance for what he saw as a careless indiscretion, while she could not bring herself to forgive him for his transgression. In settlement, she received the deed to the estate and the war-charger in view of his successful job and current personal wealth.

Euphrosyne turned the estate into her personal secret lair, and for a few months, developed an obsession with collecting implements of torture with which she refurnished his basement laboratory now turned dungeon.

Fortunately, this unhealthy habit did not persist, and she turned her attentions to wandering around the world. This went on for a few years before she came upon the Board.

Aaron Talbot in Moxzor's

The sudden reappearance of Aaron at Moxzor's, where Euphrosyne was employed, caused her considerable distress especially when he asked for the return of the Cupboard. After a fight in the bar's storeroom, she acceded to his demand, but stormed out, and has since made fewer and fewer appearances at the bar.

Personality & Character

Perhaps as a result of travels or past marriage, she maintains a general cynicism and detachment towards emotions of the fuzzier kind, though she nonetheless attempts to fit in socially as well as she can, behaving in ways that she believes are expected of her.

Despite having a predilection towards violence and strange behaviour, she does not enjoy warring that much and will, as far as possible, avoid a fight if she can help it. It is therefore rather odd that she has hired herself out as a mercenary. Behind the sometimes passive exterior, she plots murder and schemes "as a mental exercise", but it is likely she would never carry out anti-social behaviour involving serious physical or psychological harm.

In a fight, she will use whatever weapon she has on hand to inflict a debilitating attack on her opponent so she can flee. She has a silver semi-automatic pistol, but has not used it. She has also previously borrowed a katana from a friend, which has since been returned. In the process of honing her magic, she continues to avoid wars until she is certain of her ability to survive in such a setting.

When upset or under great stress, Euphrosyne tends to respond in a cold, clinical manner and much like a Borg, or someone suffering from the Nichtlachen-Kleinwortz_Syndrome. In such a state, she has no qualms being excessively cruel or unmerciful to anyone who riles her (with the exception of a few Boardies closer to her) and is not above murderously unleashing the dark ire of her imagination.

This is a matter that may be a cause for concern for Good Aligned Boardies, as she has an heretofore untempered fascination with the dark side. The issue may however, be purely academic, as she has never shown an inclination towards carrying out evil deeds. However, she is easily antagonised in the mornings and after particularly gruelling experiences, and will respond acerbically and potentially hurtfully. Extremely prideful, she will not back down when her wrath is aroused unless she considers her opponent undeserving, though she may offer apologies when the mood has passed if she deems it necessary.

She has an intimate association of some sort with Stardrake and has recently acquired a job at Moxz0rz's.

Cupboard of Infinite Clothing / Bag of Holding

An experimental creation of Euphrosyne's ex-husband, the Cupboard of Infinite Clothing +1 was given to her as an anniversary gift. Her ex-husband was quite unhappy to have to give this up as he had spent many years developing it. Edward's cloak was taken from this cupboard which is said to contain all the clothes, past and present, ever worn or to be worn. Tamarron's party dress also traces its origins to this Cupboard:

... lurid green and very ruffled dress with Christmas decorations. Strings of fairy lights are 
glowing all over Tamarron's dress,intermingling with cranberries and popcorn chains. Little 
silver gifts adorn the rest of the dress, and as the pièce de résistance, a bright golden star, 
rests snuggly on Tamarron's head.

Keaira also received a gift of an Elven Cloaking Cloak that was taken from the Cupboard - this article of clothing reduces an enemy's chances of spotting the wearer by 50%, decreasing to 10% when the cloak is used in forests. Its previous owner was a short, hairy-footed fellow with a great aversion of rings. The cupboard is instrumental in providing costumes and clothes for various situations, including spillage accidents at parties... However, caveat emptor - the clothes sometimes possess hidden attributes, which Euphrosyne has no means of identifying.

The Bag of Holding, on the other hand, contains a multitude of items whose usage is only known to Euphrosyne. Having previously had no knowledge of magic use, she felt it necessary to have a stock of useful magical items with which to defend herself, which she had accumulated over the years before her arrival at the Board. The bag can be modified to suit Euphrosyne's outfit and one may safely assume that any purse or small handbag held by Euphrosyne to be the Bag of Holding. The mechanism of the bag is such that items put into it are teleported to a temporary holding space of infinite proportions. They can later be retrieved by the simple act of placing one's hand into the bag and willing the item to appear. A similar mechanism may be in place for Euphrosyne's hidden lair, discussed in a later section.

Identified items

Phantasos Butterfly seeds: These butterflies, on contact with any living creature, dissipate into a powder that causes auditory and visual hallucinations for the living creature. In rare cases, the victim, if assaulted with enough butterflies, may experience tactile hallucinations. Effects of the powder are dependent on the butterflies’ numbers, but generally do not last longer than an hour.

Portable exit portal: Used to port from one location to another. Comes in a matching pair.

Jar of healing balm: Perfect for those flesh wounds.

Flask of tea: It is an ordinary flask of tea.

Rope: Twine rope of about 12 feet long.

One change of clothing: Does this really need to be explained?

Cupboard key with key-chain: Wooden key for the Cupboard of Infinite Clothing +1. There is a fuzzy animal toy on the key-chain.


Euphrosyne was present when Edward was kidnapped and was the first to discover (apart from Ed himself) that he had been impregnated with a clone of himself, possibly possessing unknown genetic modifications. At that time, Edward was wearing what he believed was a Belt of Chastity +69. Soon after, the child was born. Euphrosyne named the child "Chartreuse" and was briefly her/his/its/his eminence's adoptive parent, together with Stardrake. They have since taken on the roles of godparents to the child.

Secret Lair

Euphrosyne has a secret lair that she accesses on a magical warcharger. The dungeon may contain an Iron Maiden with fake blood pouring out of it for atmospheric effect. Very little is known about this secret lair apart from the fact that it can be also accessed through a skylight not belonging to Kum-El. Only Stardrake and Celtic Minstrel have been in there, but through no choice of their own.

It has been a holding place for a few of her random kidnapping schemes since its location is so secret that no one else knows how to reach it. It is possible that the mechanism for entering this place is replicated in that of her Bag of Holding.

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