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  • Player: Gold Doom Marine
  • Name: Gold Doom Marine
  • Species or Race: Becboliean
  • Gender: male (unless transformed for some odd reason)
  • Age: around 20 years old (age classified by the Becboliean government)
  • Height: 5'7
  • Weight: 170
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: brown
  • Typical Clothing: Desert Camo
  • Occupation: Mercenary for the Becbolien Space Force
  • Alignment: neutral
  • Characteristic quote: ""Another glass of decaffeinated whiskey please""
  • Weaponry: Roman Gladius (dispite the picture), ER-4 Becboliean Plasma pistol, ER-5 Becboliean Assult Rifle, Dagger, RX-7 Assault Rifle
  • Ship: B.R.S. Kinoske
  • Friends: Edward Tohr, Captain Criskov
  • Likes: Classic Rock, Guns, Doom, explosions, Politics, History, Macintosh computers, Video games, Italian food, Tolkien's Legendarium
  • Dislikes: Windows

"Gold Doom Marine, Hand Drawn pictures by me to come later."



Gold Doom Marine was born the planet Becbole the third of five children.His father was a stern army officer, while his mother was more of the opposite. At the age of 18 he joined the Becboliean Space Force Academy with hopes of being a fighter pilot and exploring the Galaxy. During the first semester of his second year at the academy he was recruited into the Becboliean private security company known as Red Wine and spent five years of his life working as a Mercenary and Bounty Hunter for them. Gold Doom Marines final and current and what came to be his most bizarre mission was to hunt down and capture a mass murder known as Kilisk Norum. The chase took the through numerous planets and finally climaxed at the Funky Horror with both of their ships destroyed and Norum in custody. Despite his capture Norum escaped is now hiding somewhere within this mysterious region of space known to the Becbolieans as the Boards.



The ER-5 Assault Rifle

This is the primary weapon of Gold Doom Marine, and the staple weapon of the Becboliean military. It was recently developed by the Becboliean Military to replace the old ZR-16 plasma rifle. Unlike its predecessor, the ER-5 comes with number of settings, it can fire single shot, semi-auto, and full auto for both plasma, and regular projectile rounds. There is also a shotgun and a grenade launcher built into it.

The RX-7 Assault Rifle

With the region known as the board now known to the Becbolieans, and some of its capabilities,the Becboliean Government has test some of its experimental weaponry in the boards warthreads. In comes the RX-7 Assault rifle, and small experimental rifle capable of firing poximity mines, and has a full auto shot gun.

Ship: B.R.S. (Becboliean Republic Ship) Kinoske

The B.R.S. Kinoske is a ex-14 class Becboliean Battleship, it is quick and highly maneuverable. The front of the ship is heavily armored and triangular so that it can ram other ships, the spikes of the front of the ship allow it cut through enemy ships, causeing considerable damage to it's opponents ship. The ship has two plasma cannons mounted on the front of the ship, and four particle energy beams mounted on it's "wings". At the current moment the ship is docked in docking bay 26, and has received considerable damage because unknown creature in its engine room. The ship is, at the moment, under repairs, and being modified to carry some top secret Becboliean weaponry.

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