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Corporal Andre "HK" Arnesen

as for his kit, well. Corporal Andre "HK" Arnesen comes with a plain, somewhat obese looking suit of powered armor, configured for long range anti-tank/sniping/countersniping and scouting work. the Executioner rifle is the weapon HK for such uses for such work. bolt action, it fires a heavy bullet, that contains a small antimatter containement unit. with a short life expectancy ( draws power from the suit while in the ammo container to avoid unfortunate mishaps of avoidable nature) low yield, but then, who wants to be bunk mates with Antimatter. besides, its harder to spoof a dumb bullet with all the fancy gadgets the tanks incorporates. also has a AI built into the suit to assist with the completion of his tasks, and generally make life simpler by acting as his spotter and keeping a careful eye out in case the mkI eyeball, even when assisted, should miss out on something really important.

mentally, well, his lemminglike instinct for selfpreservation in the service of his commanders has, with new research into the location of his home universe, been explained. his home universe was an action-movie, and he was an extra, doomed to a messy end to illustrate that enemy were quite "bad-ass" indeed. when the rift opened, it vomited him into the marginally saner universe of CRFH, where he has had a chance to gain a bit more personality that what he was originally issued with. he can still come off as flat at times though. his arrival in the boardieverse was caused by the dry spell the M-div field testers recruiters had experienced. the list of voulenteers for testing all the kit, unsafe for both the sanity.... should one have one, the universe and most of all, the user (just till the bugs are worked out of course) so the idea was hatched. why not recruit from among people already devoted to dying messily for their leaders. many movies were watched and potential candidated sucked out at the aparent moment of their death, then interviewed and, in most cases, offered a job.

the benefits were good. paid death leave... replacement of all lost bodyparts, and hazard pay for the extra unsafe duties. HK was the first of those with the right mix of stupidity and opertunism to accept.

and now, with bonus materials, the template thingy

  • Player: HK
  • Name: Andre Arnesen, callsign "HK"
  • Species or Race: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 1.79 meters
  • Weight: 73 kilos
  • Hair color: brown
  • Eye color: grey/blue
  • Occupation: ginnypig
  • Alignment: lawful neutral/M-div
  • Strengths: pretty much knows no fear, was never issued one as it would be counter to his task in life. even if he knows caution, or he wouldnt be a combat vet, it can be both strength and weakness to be unable to tell when you should lie down and cower in fear.

some low level addiction to combat stimms (kept in check mostly due to RESPAWN cleaning up his system when he comes through, and the fact that he himself has no control over when he gets dosed) poor social skills, never ment to have a life beyond his quest for redemption through fire, to be judged in the eyes of his superiors. loyal

"soulless"? soul sucking creatures seem to pass him up like spinach at a turkey buffet, his 2d start in life seems to have left him about as spiritual as a moist sock. there is no denying the divine, as he is working for a goddess, but he has yet to earn one of those most desirable etheral things

  • Special Powers and Skills: fighting...dying... yup... thats it
  • Weaponry: Executioner-B AT, antitank rifle. alternately, cobra assault rifle: a .50 assault rifle with underslung shotgun, weight, 30 kilos, and with a kick like a warhorse it is not a weapon he can fire without his suit on, or a fixed mount. comes with a 30 round straight mag, or a 100 round box mag. 4 shells in the ready store on shotgun attachment

he also has a mortar assembly able to fire cluster munitions of either antitank or anti infantry bomblets. or a "cover" shell. basically chaff and smoke in one. room for a total 4 shells in the internal magazine

can carry a pair of single shot launchers with missiles. missile warheads can be varied depending on where he is to be deployed.

  • Equipment: a suit of Heavy assault armor, weighing in at just over 500 kilos unladen, it is a high end piece of technology. layered armor, steel/titanium over ceramic, compartmentalized antiballistic gel, and rubber. 4 hour power supply under battlefield conditions. it is a fully self contained environ that recycles fluids and atmosphere.

comes with both IR, low light, proximity activated motion sensor and zoom. HI-beam, retractable bayonet, and jump jets for slowing falls or allowing him to jump high.

may carry 2 frisbee sized recon drones instead of the missile launchers. its an either or proposistion.

suit has a "dumb" AI installed which can aid him with dealing with the chaos of a battlefield. the AI also controls the suits "pharmacy"

a collection of the best drugs, painkillers, and medicines goverment money can concoct, to help him stay alert, stay fighting, or hopefully just survive till medevac can get there. not intended for frequent use, such as respawn has made possible, many of the substances are very addictive.

  • Likes: obeying orders, and being a well oiled cog in a big warmachine. being useful
  • Dislikes: disobeying orders, failing

The description should be placed outside the template tag. ruthless bastard, but as part of his integration into the board, was taught and ordered to follow both the board uniform code, and the "old code". nowadays, a mostly decent fellow, if you can overlook his stormtrooper mentality

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