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All pages (except search results) have an Edit tab at the top. You can edit the page you are reading by clicking that tab.

Of course, if you came here because you want to know about how to do cool things like italicize your text,

  • make a
  • bulleted list

Or even make a link, then this is the place for you!


Basic Formatting

Bold text is done by simply enclosing your text in three apostrophes... kinda like '''this'''.

Italic text is done the same way, only with two apostrophes.

Bold and Italics uses a whopping five apostrophes.

Strike thru, underline, superscript, and subscript can be done using HTML tags. For those who are unaware, HTML tags are short strings of letters and/or numbers enclosed in angle brackets (or less than/greater than signs). For example, to generate the text

The dihydrogen oxide H2O levels are above 106!

Would be "The <s>dihydrogen oxide</s> H<sub>2</sub>O levels are <u>above</u> 10<sup>6</sup>!"

A single newline is ignored, but two newlines starts a new paragraph.

To indent a line, like you see here, simply preface it with a colon.
:Like so.


To do a bulleted list, simply put an asterisk (*) before each point, as well as having each one on a new line. Example:

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
*List Item 1
*List Item 2

To do a numbered list, simply put a number sign (#) before each point, as well as having each one on a new line. Example:

  1. List Item 1
  2. List Item 2
#List Item 1
#List Item 2

You can even do a definition list, as follows:

Term 1
Definition 1
Term 2
Definition 2
;Term 1:Definition 1
;Term 2:Definition 2


  • Links within the wiki: [[The Board]] creates a link to the page called "The Board". (Example: The Board)
  • If you want to create a plural link to a singular page, simply do something like [[Family Tree]]s. The S will be automatically included in the link! (Example: Family Trees)
  • Piped links, where the title is different than the linked-to page: [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] (Example: Frequently Asked Questions)
  • External links are easy: [] gives [1], or gives
  • You can also change the title: [ Google] gives Google.
    (Note that the URL mustn't contain spaces. If it does, replace each one with %20.)
  • Link to a Category page: [[:Category:Boardies]] gives Category:Boardies
  • Link to an Image page: [[:Image:Claws.png]] gives Image:Claws.png
  • Direct link to an image: Media:Claws.png
  • Interwiki links: [[Wikipedia:Main Page|Wikipedia]] gives Wikipedia, [[wikt:Main Page|Wiktionary]] gives Wiktionary, even [[google:Wiki|Google]] gives Google!
    • For a complete list of interwiki prefixes, see here.


The basic way to include an image in a page is simply to "link" to it, like so: [[Image:Magic Harp.gif]] gives Magic Harp.png.

You can also specify several parameters. The full syntax for including images is as follows:


The parameters (apart from {name}) may come in any order.

The name of the image
Either "thumb" or "frame". Both place the image in a box, and the former scales it down if it's large.
Alignment of the image (left, right, or center).
Specifies a maximum width or dimensions. Should be of the form {width}px or {width}x{height}px. Aspect ratio is always preserved.
Places a caption beneath the image. Anything that doesn't qualify for one of the other parameters will be considered t be a caption.

Example: The following code:

[[Image:FamilyTree.png|thumb|center|150px|The infamous Boardie family tree]]

results in the following image:

The infamous Boardie family tree

If you want to include several images on a page, use the gallery tag. For example, the following code:

<gallery caption="Sample gallery" widths="100px" heights="100px">
Image:Moxz0rzsLogo2.jpg|[[Moxz0rz's|The Boardie Pub]]
Image:Containment.png|[[Containment]] logo
Image:Mdiv.png|[[M-division]] logo

gives the following output:

The parameters and the part after the pipe are optional. Images must be listed one per line.

Also, a URL to an offsite image will automatically be replaced with the image itself.


To create a heading, enclose the heading in equals signs and keep it on its own line, like this: =Heading.

To lower the level of the heading, increase the number of equals signs on each side... but make sure to keep both sides the same!

Having four or more headings automatically creates a table of contents. To force a table of contents for a page with less than four headings, include the magic word __TOC__ at the location you want the table of contents to appear. To omit a table of contents in a page with four or more headings, include the magic word __NOTOC__ somewhere in the page.

A horizontal line is done with four dashes (----). Try not to overuse it.

See What You Typed

The <nowiki> tag causes the wiki to ignore all formatting instructions. The <pre> tag is similar, but formats its contents in a blue box and in a monospaced font. And if you want the monospaced font but would like wiki formatting to be honoured, simply begin each line with a space.

Good luck, and happy posting! You can also check out the advanced editing pages:

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