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  • Player: Katyra
  • Name: Katyra Matarra
  • Species or Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Somewhere in her thousands
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 143 lbs.
  • Hair color: black, with a single white streak over her forehead.
  • Eye color: Purple
  • Typical Clothing: somewhat old-fashioned, usually black with red/copper highlights
  • Occupation: gainfully unemployed
  • Alignment: lawful good, usually.
  • Strengths: adaptable, situationally.
  • Weaknesses: stubborn
  • Special Powers and Skills: Shadowwalking, weak telepathy from so many years with Falkynne
  • Weaponry: longsword, some offensive magic
  • Likes: family and friends, having fun
  • Dislikes: her son getting bad grades, fanatics

Katyra has a long and varied history, much of it on The Boards. She was a vampire when she first came to the Boards, but was cured of that with the help of the Planeswalker Shenalia. She is originally from a very strict religious mideval society, which led to issues with her Shadowwalking and shapeshifting. This is the basis of her distrust of all things religious, although she is willing to make exceptions on a personal basis.

Personality-wise, She is mostly easy-going and fun to be around, although the eternal 'mom.' If the people close to her are threatened, however, she is all business. Most people with any sense who've seen that side of her try to avoid getting on the wrong side of it.

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