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Keaira, as I see her.

  • Player: SereneChaos
  • Name: Keaira
  • Species or Race: Half Human-Half Faerie
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5'5
  • Weight: Athletic
  • Hair color: Dark brown with red and blonde natural accents. Long Wavy/Curly.
  • Eye color: In any form her eyes are dark brown. When she is very happy or excited by a proposition they turn jet black. When in Hybrid or Faerie form her eyes turn purple when she is angry, upset, or doing spell work.
  • Occupation: The Air Force Medical Corps- which has sent her to the Board Medical Corps for "training".
  • Alignment: She generally fights for the good. However, she must battle constantly with her mischievous and rash faerie side to keep the scales tipped in the positive direction.
  • Characteristic quote: "*Innocent eyes* Me? I'd Never!"
  • Strengths: Strengths:She is a healer. She has worked on her own a lot and has no problem with combat. Her training in the military has made her an expert marksman, though it's not something she uses unless it's called for. She is excellent with a sword. Her hybrid form is her strongest form and the one she prefers in battle situations. She can call upon both her combat skills and her faerie magic while in this form. She is a strong leader, and works solo with ease. Weaknesses:When it comes down to it, Keaira's downfall is herself. The faerie blood that runs in her makes it incredibly difficult for her to trust or to take help. She can be a prankster and cause problems if the faerie half gets the better of the human half. One of her biggest weaknesses is that she is distracted by shiny sparkly things. This is not too much of a problem unless she is in full Faerie form. When she is in human form she has almost no use of her magic abilities and must rely solely on combat training.Keaira's most recent weakness is her , now, boyfriend Voice. She tends to go spiralling down into blushing bumbling inadequacy when things involve him. On the other end of it, her feelings for him can prompt her to irrational action, depending on the situation.This is unfamiliar ground for Keaira and has her thrown slightly off kilter. A really cruel foe could more than likely use this particular weakness to great advantage.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Like her mother before her, Keaira has healing powers. She can also manipulate nature, especially water and weather, thanks to her faerie blood. This means that she can heal faster than a human in all her forms, though her magic weakens slightly during the healing process. When she wants to avoid being found or identified, she can hide out as a wren.She does this limitedly, usually opting for a simple cloak to hide her. As mentioned above, she is an expert marksman, not quite sniper caliber, but close. When she is incredibly angered or hurt a storm will form that echoes her pain/anger. When the mental instability brought on by whatever is ailing her becomes too much, her faerie half takes over and the storm can become incredibly unpredictable. While generally the storm is kept isolated around her and the person she is fighting, shifts in control between the human and fairy mentality can greatly affect this.
  • Weaponry: The weapons she always has on her are her Sword and two daggers. All of which are made out of silver. The hilts of all three have one amethyst set between two emeralds. When she is going into standard combat she brings along her M-39 Mosin Nagant and 2 or 3 pistols(typically berettas). An array of different ammunition is used for different purposes. Recently, she has acquired the use of a rifle formed Mazer. This weapon is better suited to for her training with the Board, while allowing a familiarity in the form of a rifle. Typically these weapons were only used in human form, but recent training has shown her their neccesity while in hybrid form.
  • Equipment: Generally black or purple in nature.She will wear greens and browns when she feels like it. Things that give her easy access to her wings in hybrid form. Obviously she is a fan of camo when the situation calls for it. She tends to wear boots with a substantial heel on them(a thicker one when combat calls for it, think Trinity in the Matrix)regardless of the rest of the attire.She recently acquired a gift of an Elven Cloaking Cloak from her friend Euphrosyne.
  • Likes: Nature, helping people, talking, flirting,rainstorms,chai tea, giddiness, martinis, caffeine in any form, wrecking havoc in faerie form, anything and anyone that makes her laugh, or accepts her as she is, a certain Angelic-esque being.
  • Dislikes: control freaks,oversensitivity, "bad" people,untrustworthy types, being treated as a lower being, being used, unnecessary harm, condescension.

Appearance:Her wings in both her Fae form and her Hybrid form most closely resemble those of a butterfly. They are an iridescent black and can sometimes look green, blue or purple.Her dark brown hair is generally worn down and loose or in a braid. Her eyes tend to get her in trouble, with her long flirtatious eyelashes and the glint in their deep brown depths. Mostly found in form fitting pants and a top during combat, she is a fan of flowing dresses the rest of the time.

Early Background: Her Mother a healer in the Air Force and her Father a Faerie, Keaira, suprisingly, spent most of her life as a human, never knowing her true heritage. Keaira showed no signs of fae blood at birth and her untrusting father left the family that day, never to be found. She travelled from Base to Base with her mother, happily living the life of a military brat. On her 13th birthday the fae blood that ran in her veins began to take over. This changed her life forever. The trust she had in people was crushed, for the first time, upon learning the secret her mother had so ardently kept from her. Keaira promptly left her mother's care and went on a search that would prove fruitless. In her vain attempts to find her father, Keaira was taken in by water sprites who showed her how to transform, and use the powers that the faerie blood bestowed upon her. On her 18th birthday, she had control enough of her powers to be able to go back to school.

Upon enrolling in college, she joined Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps(AFROTC) and began to persue her dream of becoming a member of the Air Force Medical Corps.Here, she found the first, and seemingly only, love of her life. A Pilot Select for the Air Force, he was everything she'd dreamed of. Quickly tiring of having to lie to him, Keaira explained her past and revealed her true form to her love. What happened next ruined her trust in people, for what she said was the final time. He left her claiming she pushed him away and betrayed him and, though he still loved her, he couldn't be with someone of her kind. This heartbreak pushed Keaira deeper into her work, and slowly into a life of (mostly) solitude.

Due to the influence of the Air Force, Keaira stands by the code: "Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do." Her loyalty and truthfullness are almost unparalleled. The lies of her past have caused her to be straight forward with everyone regarding all things, except her fae blood. While she was highly respected amongst her AFROTC peers, she kept to herself letting no one get truly close to her. The friends she did have consisted mostly of males who either respected her role in the corps, or were attracted by her incredible beauty. Her inability to allow anyone in on her "Little" secret placed Keaira at the core of many "Love 'em and Leave 'em" type relationships. She's never thought of many guys as "dateable" and this earned her the title of Cold Hearted Wench in her college years.

Recently: Keaira has finished her formal training and is looking to begin work with the medical corps. However, before she takes on the job, they have sent her for "specialized training" on the CRFH Boards. Here, she is learning to fight her urge to avoid combat to help heal people. She has begun taking part in Warthreads and PFFs to hone her ability to fight with both magic and weapons, and to switch rapidly between the two. Her healing powers are still useful, though she is finding that one can still heal people when the fighting is over. She has begun to take on the duty of Martini Maker extraordinaire in Party Threads, as well as healing those who may be more drunk than they'd like. Her first forray into healing drunks came about when Edward_Tohr downed and unknown drink handed to him by Roadkiller. Notably, she has found intrigue in the VOD operative Voice. It has led to an official status as part of the #1 Romantic Pairing on the board, through a poll started by Roadkiller and then a tiebreaker poll by Technetus. They have recently become an official couple, after Voice asked her to be his girlfriend while they were at Moxz0rz's

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