Mazuko Teneki

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  • Player: Dragonlet
  • Name: Mazuko Teneki (Ko-Te to friends).
  • Species or Race: Half-Hunter (from his mother), half-kitsune.
  • Gender: Quite male, thank you.
  • Age: Unknown, looks to be a shade under thirty.
  • Height: Six feet, four inches.
  • Weight: A buck-eighty.
  • Hair color: Sandy blond.
  • Eye color: Electric blue.
  • Occupation: Recently appointed High Commander of the Royal Army of The Galimedes.
  • Alignment: Good.
  • Characteristic quote: ""And THIS one is where I got stabbed in the gut with a spear!""
  • Strengths: Strengths: Sword, magic, battle tactics and planning. Weaknesses: His best friend Arabella, his family. His Modern-American accent, among those speaking Regency British, makes him a bit self-conscious.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Friendly, personable, and diplomatic. Humble, loyal, and able to make tough decisions in a pinch. A skilled flirt.
  • Weaponry: Broadsword, battle magic, throwing knives, pistols.
  • Equipment: Armor and uniform, shield, gauntlets and armored boots.
  • Likes: A good stiff drink, intelligent conversation, showing off his scars (which often incorporates removing his shirt), joking around, and women. Especially dark-haired curvy ones.
  • Dislikes: Being stuck inside, doing paperwork, acknowledging his feelings, putting himself before others, being discriminated against.

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