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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

Once the global headquarters and centre of culture for a Board that benevolently oversaw humanity from prehistory to the modern day, the glittering accomplishments therein were swept away in a night of bloody violence that nearly spelt the end of the Board's days as a world power. What remains now is mostly snow-covered ruins, although a few oldbies have rebuilt their personal enclaves rather than relocate to the Funky Horror.

At its height, the Mohaborad city filled to bursting a relatively small notch in the side of a Himalayan peak deep within Tibet, and inspired a million legends of lost mountain valleys in the world below. Lingering remnants of the microclimate testify to the terraforming and weather control within, and even now, reality is decidedly more malleable there. Generations of Boardies built gravity-defying spires and bizarre architecture around a huge central tower from which the Goddess once proclaimed Her Word daily.

All this crashed to ground during the long, hot summer of 2001. As "punishment" for defying His command to not intervene in his attempt to co-opt Margaret Browning, the Dark Lord annihilated the Boardies sent to intercede and ordered His legions to grind the city to dust in a massive bombardment, overrunning the ruins with every abomination He could winch from the Pit. After the battle was over, the survivors salvaged what they could and joined those who'd been able to evacuate, fleeing to the Goddess's enclave in Acancéh, which became their HQ until the arrival of FLEET and construction of the Funky Horror put paid to all talk of rebuilding the old city.

There is an annual memorial service held for those who died here, and a few oldbies have returned to rebuild some areas or operate and repair equipment too big or fragile to move, but other than that most Boardies avoid the place when they can. Rumours of ghosts and vengeful spirits wandering the ruins abound, alongside damaged equipment too dangerous to salvage or diabolical surprises and booby-traps left in the rubble, and any expedition invariably uncovers a new battlefield or mass grave. If anything gives the Board strength to get the job done and face down the Adversary, it is the memory of what His minions did here.

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