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  • Player: Moxie
  • Name: Moxie
  • Species or Race: Human, but augmented
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Permanently 21
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: Thin
  • Hair color: Dark blonde/Light brown, given the season
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Occupation: Works for herself; Owner/Bartender of Moxz0rz's
  • Alignment: Neutral Isolationist
  • Characteristic quote: "Do what you want, just play fair!"
  • Strengths: Moxie has an enormous strength of will, which has saved her at least once from a terrible fate. She is in excellent physical condition. She has a quick mind that can puzzle out solutions immediately or come up with a spur-of-the-moment joke. She firmly believes in fairness and never cheats or plays dirty, even on the rugby pitch.
  • Weaknesses: Though it’s not supposed to happen, Moxie is susceptible to injuries like torn ligaments, broken bones, and the like. Her left knee, even after ACL reconstruction surgery, is somewhat weak; could be considered her ‘Achilles heel’. Thanks to her experiences with Charm, Moxie also doesn’t trust easily, even those who are completely trustworthy. She occasionally slips into childlike behavior when she gets frustrated, or uncomfortable. She is a bit of a loner, and finds herself to be somewhat socially awkward. Making friends is difficult for her. She is also a highly sarcastic individual, and sometimes is too brash with people.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Moxie is a prototype, supposed to be the peak of human excellence. She is a skilled rugby player, but this may be due to the fact that she is genetically more advanced. Moxie is faster, stronger, and fitter than any other humans. She doesn’t succumb to illnesses, or need things like glasses or dental work. Her immune system is more advanced than any other humans as well.

Moxie is fast, strong, and tall and knows how to take advantage of these traits, especially on the rugby pitch. As a forward, she was either in a Back Row or the Eight Man positions. She has never missed a tackle. Moxie has also been trained in some magic, though not much. She is capable of wiggling her ears to activate magic, which is believed to be more difficult, and therefore more powerful, than the common nose wiggle. To date, the only known magic she’s successfully accomplished was a small scale explosion, impressive for a beginner.

  • Weaponry: Moxie isn’t big on weaponry, as she’s always relied on her own physical strength, speed and agility for much of her life. However, she’s got a keen eye and can be quite devastating with a slingshot, or even miniature catapult.
  • Equipment: A Gilbert XT400 rugby ball, a Daisy Powerline F16 slingshot, a portable catapult
  • Likes: Doing what she wants, rugby, going barefoot, Chai Tea Lattes, sushi, takoyaki, dinosaurs, odd creatures like platypi, her rugby jersey, kittens
  • Dislikes: Being forced to do terrible things, wearing shoes (even her cleats, which she does love), basketball, fish eggs on sushi, spiders, slow-walking people

Early History

Free will is a precious thing indeed; this is a lesson Moxie has learned well. She was born in a time when Charm, a magical underground crime organization, was in control of much of the world. Through magic and genetics, Charm sought to create a so-called perfect human to aid its magic users. Moxie’s family was part of the generations long project; she was the crowning achievement, the prototype perfect human. Afraid for their daughter, Moxie’s parents attempted the unthinkable - to escape Charm. Her mother fled with the infant Moxie; her father remained to distract the organization. His fate is unknown.

Unaware of her past, Moxie grew up in the Lone Star State, the source of her slight accent. Charm traced her down when she was in high school. Her mother, desperate, fled north with her and settled down in a tiny town. Facing culture shock, Moxie found she never quite fit in. She joined the high school rugby team, becoming one of the most skilled players. With few friends to speak of, Moxie spent most of her time training for the sport she loved. After graduation, her mother convinced Moxie to attend the local college. Wanting to please her, Moxie agreed. Continuing to play rugby, in her junior year her hard work and talent paid off - she was recruited by the professionals. Against her mother’s wishes, Moxie went pro. Her skill caught the public’s eye, and the world watched as Moxie led her team to the Rugby World Cup. Devastation hit when, towards the end of the first half, she tore her ACL while going in for a tackle.

Her mother, knowing that Charm was on their trail, wasn’t able to get to her daughter before the ambulance arrived and left with Moxie. The disguised Charm Agents took the terrified rugby player to the closest headquarters where she was faced with the truth of her past. Under Charm’s control, she was prepped for surgery. Post-surgery, Charm Agent Brian was assigned to Moxie’s recovery. He provided the physical and emotional therapy Moxie needed.

C.A. Brian also explained Moxie’s new role. As the Perfect Human Prototype, she was supposed to be trained as an emotionless killing machine, aid to Agents in their undercover missions. Since she’d been raised in the world however, other enhancements had been done during her surgery to help the researchers examine her and learn how to improve upon the program. The doctors had magically permanently frozen her age, as well as increased her invulnerability to injury. Once her physical therapy had been completed, Moxie found herself subjected to many brutal tests under the name of research. Her only solace was C.A. Brian, who continued to spend time with her and gain her trust. Against protocol, he began to teach her magic, and found that she was capable of the legendary ear wiggle, rather than the common nose wiggle used by Charm Agents.

In collaboration with testing, Charm started sending Moxie on field missions. As she began to reject the brutal crimes required of her, Charm placed her under the Lost Will spell; she was forced to do the assignments while being aware of her despicable actions. After months of this, Moxie had enough. Through sheer strength of will, she broke free of the spell and sought escape. Not willing to give up the closeness she’d gained with C.A. Brian however, she convinced him to leave with her. The night they were supposed to leave, she found she’d been betrayed by him. As Charm Agents appeared, ready to subdue her, Moxie used her enhanced abilities to fight her way out, leaving a parting gift of a magic explosion on the Agents. If any survived, she knew the act would leave C.A. Brian punished, and most likely killed.

Fleeing, the devastated Moxie realized she had nowhere to go. She was too well known in public: her fame would lead Charm right to her. So she just started running, with no destination in sight. Eventually, she found the Boards, a place where people didn’t know her or her history. Moxie chose to remain here, finding a solid place to gather her life together with friends who accepted her without asking questions.

More Currently

Moxie as a pink platypus

Life on the Boards has been relaxing for Moxie. She can be found baking (her new hobby) or outside with her rugby ball, killing time. She tends to stay away from the Wargames, as she’s still sensitive about the things she was forced to do in the past, but she’s always up for a party and can be always be found at one if there happens to be one. Boardies can always count on her bringing some sort of a baked treat.

In all parties, Moxie finds herself as a pink platypus, a corrupted wish the cause. Interestingly enough, in this form she can speak Platypus as well as Japanese. Moxie is in no hurry to try and wish herself out of this situation - wishing will most likely make it worse, and besides, Charm certainly wouldn't be looking for a pink platypus!

Most Recently

Moxie is the owner and currently only bartender of Moxz0rz's, the official Boardie tavern. Euphrosyne is the only official employee (title: Barmaid) of Moxz0rz's, although Keaira has been known to help out if things are too busy.

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