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"Moxz0rz's logo"
Moxie, working at Moxz0rz's
Euphrosyne, working at Moxz0rz's

A bar, owned by Moxie.

The result of a misspoken wish, it quickly became the Board's signature bar. It (or a simulation thereof) was the location for Edward Tohr and Roadkiller's wedding. Any and all boardies are invited to stop by and have a drink, snack, or a game. The bar apparently stocks most, if not every, known drink and food, and the selection of games is quite varied, even including an "Escape From Dun-Dun" machine, and its sequel "The Great Rescue", as well as many other CRFH!!!-themed games.

Moxz0rz's acts like a traveling shop -- You can always find it when you're looking for it, but it never seems to be in the same place twice. In other words, the physical location of Moxz0rz's is that it is wherever you need it to be when you need to be at Moxz0rz's. The front door is the real key to finding Moxz0rz's. This 'wandering door' originally lead to and from multiple locations simultaneously; thanks to an alteration by Remnant, it works with time as well so that anyone can enter the bar at any point.

Or, as Moxie says, "It's findable when it's needed. That's all that matters."

The Front Door

It has recently become apparent that this wandering front door is not a toy to be used for testing or amusement(even during a game of hide-and-seek); this will cause the door to "short out". The door works with the assumption that once opened, a person will walk through the door; if opened and closed too many times without this happening the door will open to a brick wall that has a piece of paper reading "out of order" taped to it. Subsequent attempts will continue to lead to this wall until Moxie has locked the door for seven minutes, letting it "reboot". During this time those in the bar will be unable to leave. However, the door will still open for others to enter the bar. It is currently unknown whether this will also bar attempts to leave via other means, but no one seems eager to test.

The only known time the door has shorted out occurred after being opened ten times without a person walking through it. Whether or not this number can increase or decrease is not known. The long term effects of this on the door are also not known.

Further use of the door has shown that it can even open to alternate dimensions, as shown by the wide variety of bar patrons. Either there is just one Moxz0rz's throughout the entire multiverse, or it simply serves the best food and drink. Either way, anyone, and, indeed, everyone, can be found here.

Recent events have led to Moxie herself questioning putting childlocks on the door. While Moxz0rz's is indeed findable when needed, there is some question as to exactly why playing children should need to find the safe haven that is the bar.

Theme Song

By Moxie

Making your way on the board today takes all the sanity you've got.

Taking a break from your real life, soon you are caught.

Wouldn't you like to stay and play?

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your avatar,

and they're always glad to know who you are.

You wanna be where you can see,

troubles are tucked away in the Jar.

You wanna be where everybody knows

Your avatar.

You wanna go where people know,

We’re fun, if not bizarre.

You wanna go where everybody knows

your avatar.

Floor Plan

A rendition of the bar

The layout of Moxz0rz's sometimes shifts without reason, but the following is enough to give an idea of the layout. MoxzorsDiagram1.gif

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