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The Sage

Basic description:
Human Avatar. Respawns in same point, in 1 second. (body-and-soul-bonded Amulet of Resurrection)
Hair: None - extradimensional incident. Neat brown goatee.
Eyes: Hazel.
6'0, 200lbs
Neutral Good.

Personality: Shy. Stubborn. Good-humored. Likes a worthy opponent or ally. Dislikes munchkins and godmoders, partly because he feels uneasy about having those very traits, deep down.

History: The Ancients know.

Typical clothing: black jeans, hoodie, boots, and trenchcoat.

Typical weapon: DoubleBlade, which is basically two 4' straight doubleedged katanas hilt to hilt, a la Swallow. Hilts are 1' each. Yes, the DBlade is 10'. It can be split to form twin katanas. The hilts are molecular-bond grippium (a special alloy for a perfect grip), the blades are monomolecular carbon, better known as diamondite, with an atom-thick edge. Can be exchanged for a rainbow DoubleSaber, like Darth Maul's. Also, twin Colts, modified to shoot magical ammo and miniature black and white holes.

Typical Powers: Moderate to strong gravity manipulation, self and local. Examples: levitation, repulsion shield(skintight), black/white hole creation. Portal creation. Pocket dimensions, for storing equipment. Minor shapeshifting. Very minor Evil Ficcer powers. Minor magic, like infusion of weapons with elemental power. Said infusion will slowly dissipate with time, or will discharge into target on contact, or can be shot in a 'bolt'. Takes a little time and concentration to charge blades. Black and white holes will dissipate after a few minutes or after absorbing a moderate mass(black holes only). Multipresence - can be in about 200 places at the same time - separate avatars, so stabbing one won't make all bleed. Master of most known and some unknown melee and missile weapons, can use others after some practice. Very hard-to-figure-out weapons will take much time, so probably not bothering. Alien artifacts that are possible magic, missile, or energy weapons are left alone, as are Weapons of Mass Destruction(tm) - except for Plot Reasons.

Does not need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep, although often will just for fun.

Vehicles: Polygon - AVSS Carrier, 500-meter diameter slightly flattened spheroid, silver. AI, Turing-passed, genius-level. Titania interdimensional engine for cross-dimensional and deep-space travel, Eos gravity engine for atmospherics and gravity wells. Gravity shield, neutronium armor. Point-defense kilo-slug cannon in two rows around equator, and in a row around each pole. Launch bays all around equator and on poles. Torpedo launchers above and below each equatorial launch bay, 4 around each polar bay. Carries 200 Dart fighters. Two fabber plants, each capable of manufacturing one Dart per hour. Self-repair nanobots all throughout the ship. Andromeda extradimensional mass-energy generator for power and supplies. Radar: Multistate (supralight/gravitic/magical/more) detector, range: 1 ly. Precise shape and mass detection, pretty good sensor resolution, no radar shadowing (something behind something else will still be visible). 3-D, of course. Cloaking to mask 99.99% of emissions.

Quilldart, a SuperDart-class crewed fighter, 15 meter long, with 4 7.5 meter long 2 meter out flare wings at right angles, on tail of ship. Think standing on its end. Wings are for atmospheric maneuvers, so retract into ship in deep space. Ship is 3 meter diameter, curving taper from tail to nose. Seats 1 pilot, 1 copilot/passenger. Eos gravity engine for atmosphere, Titania interdimensional engine for deep-space and cross-dimensional travel. Weaponry: mass-energy 50kilo torps, 20x (option - laser-guided, radar-guided, mass-guided, AI homing, sight-guided, straight), quadruple Corona particle beams, quadruple gravity beams(tractor or attack), quadruple super-c kilo-slug cannon, can use tracers and explosive ammo too, with 4 tons of ammo on board, gravity shield, neutronium armor. Andromeda generator, radar, and cloaking.

Dart fighters - Turing AI, combat-tuned, 10 meter long, 2 meter diameter, four 5 meter length 1.5 meter width flare wings. Eos gravity drive for atmospherics, quad Rolls-Royce Alpha engines for space maneuvers, no deep-space capability. Weaponry: quadruple Corona particle beams, single gravity beam, quadruple kilo-slug cannon (4 tons onboard), torpedo launcher, 20x torpedoes. Gravity shield, neutronium armor. No Andromeda generator. Radar only out to .2ly. Cloaking of 99.99% emissions.

Allegiances: Captain in the M-Division, Head Researcher of the 1st Platoon. Captain in the QUILLS. Captain in FLEET. Envoy to most other groups.

Addenda: Will occassionally try out new stuff from time to time, will explain it when doing so. Will edit this when necessary.

Also See: Alpha.

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