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  • Player: reminant of Fear
  • Name: Remnant
  • Species or Race: Sentient Plant bonded with metamorphic cybernetics
  • Gender: Neutral, asexual
  • Age: One hundred eight orbital cycles (years)
  • Height: Varies with form, natural for is a 2.5m tall bio-mechanical tree-like creature
  • Weight: 348kg, partially displaced into a self-contained pocket universe using negative space technology, when in a form too small to contain it all.
  • Hair color: Silver-gold leaves, arranged in a 'slicked back' style
  • Eye color: Black
  • Typical Clothing: Rem doesn't actually wear much clothing, except when environmental conditions demand it.
  • Appearance: in his natural form, rem appears to be a strange tree looking creature, with trunk-like legs , and vines sprouting from his torso. usually he keeps his vines coiled into arms, both to make him look more 'normal' and also as tools are easier to use that way.
  • Occupation: Explorer, Fugitive
  • Alignment: Chaotic Nutral
  • Characteristic quote: ""Everything seems so familiar... yet wrong somehow.""
  • Strengths:
    Strengths: Rem is, in essence a shapshifter. easily adapting himself to his environment.
    Weaknesses: His body, being essentially part liquid metal, part plant mater, is susceptible to extreme temperatures and fire... especially in his natural form.
  • Special Powers and Skills: he can reshape any part of his body, The individual nanocells can self replicate, they can also bond with other machines/organisms, and lastly he can alter whatever he's bonded to.
  • Weaponry: Rem has been seen carrying a rapier-stylized red lightsaber in human form.
  • Equipment: he has a lab full of half-finished contraptions and failed experiments... somewhere... only ace really knows the way there. but for every 10 usless devices, he has one that can prove invaluable in a pinch.
  • Likes: science for science's sake, building things, experimenting on people, anthropology, Cybernetics, Omni.
  • Dislikes: Rules and regulations, boring people, fighting.

Pre-[CLASSIFIED] time period:

At some unknown point in the past or future, technicaly both, Rem, sent a copy of himself back in time 50 years in order to test a temporal displacement device. it's uncertain if that Rem had an actual origin or was merely the result of a predestination paradox, but the 'new' Rem believed it to be the later, and repeated the experiment on the same day, sending 'himself' to the exact same point in space and time time. this may in fact be the cause of the explosion that destroyed his time machine and damaged his memory. either way because of that chain of events Rem's existence is caught in a sort of 'temporal loop' and its unclear how many cycles have occurred since.

in the most recent loop, rem was curious about the possibility of interdemensional travel, leading to the experiment that switched Ace for one if his probe devices. an event that also started a war, dumped ace into a Warthread unaware he was in another world, and somehow merged Rem and Ace when he went to retrieve his probe.

things as they are now:

Rem is working as both a scientist and field operative for classified these days, and despite being somewhat unpredictable and unstable, is often the voice of reason countering Ace's 'shoot first, see if its hostile after its dead' attitude towards various situations. recently he was a transformer, but that has since past and ace is going to need a new plane...

Also, for the moment he's a ferret. but unlike his transformer body, this one is compatible with his nanotech so he may be able to regain his old form in the near future, though not quite in the same way as he'll still have to eat and revert to his default (ferret) form on a regular basis.

possible future:

it's verry likely that this 'time loop' may differ from the others, in that with Ace's help rem has already rebuilt his time-drive, and other events have occurred that may interfere with the way things play out...

in December of 2009, Ace and twenty three other individuals, including Remnant, Hazen, Adan, the PHANTOM comandos, and Alexis all disappeared around the same time. so far only Remnant has been located.

Rem however, is a very different person from before. He seems to have no memory of Ace, Alexis, Hazen, or any of the others. Nor does he have any recollection of having ever been a symbiotic machine, he does however remember his entire career as a classified scientist. Everything from escaping his home world and winding up in the garden of an alternate hazel green, the Maryvonne sisters helping him escape across the dimensional boundary, joining up with The Captian back in 1998, and lastly December 2009 when his newest creation, the retcon beam, exploded on the workbench before compleetion, badly burning him.

Stranger still, while [CLASSIFIED] records, as well as the records of several ground based Board facilities show this version of events to be entirely accurate and well documented, as well as no trace of the 'old' rem, Board and FLEET archive records say just the opposite.

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