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Name: Roadkiller

Species or Race: Human. Last time he checked, at least. The [CLASSIFIED] does some weird stuff to him occasionally.

Gender: Male. See above.

Age: 25

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 163 lbs

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Blue naturally, grey with his contacts and black while firing Glitter with the contacts.

Occupation: [CLASSIFIED]

Alignment: Chaos is fun. Killing is fun. Hell, even dying is fun, if it isn’t permanent. Definite Chaotic Evil in DnD terms.

Characteristic quote: “You know what, screw you Captain.”

Strengths/Weaknesses: Years of stealth training in [CLASSIFIED] make him an excellent assassin when he chooses to be. His advanced and highly unusual weaponry and equipment give him an advantage against conventional tactics.

Unfortunately, he rarely ever is patient enough to actually use his assassin training and has a tendency to use unnecessary explosions and fires. Strangely, he has an unusual devotion to the causes of [CLASSIFIED] and will do what the tell him. He, of course, disregards it when they tell him how to accomplish said task.

Special Powers and Skills: When he actually uses his training, he can be a near silent assassin. His firearm skill and knowledge his own limits help him survive. Usually.

Weaponry: Happiness is his completely custom made sniper rifle. A .60 caliber gun with sabot’ed .50 caliber bullets, the gun fires rounds at well over the speed of sound. A specially designed amplifier increases the report and changes its frequency to one that echoes much better off of city walls, confusing his position. Glitter, is his custom built assault rifle. Instead of firing off bullets of lead or steel, Glitter fires thermite rounds and ignites the reaction inside the barrel. He’s not really sure how it works, and he doesn’t really care. He also carries a side pistol and a rather large knife, but rarely actually uses them.


Body Armor- A combination of Kevlar and thin metal plates, the armor provides protection against small arms at close range, medium arms at long range and knives, which would generally end up in the back. Hey, it’s better than running naked.

Polarized Light Reactive Contacts- These contacts do little in light less than full sunlight, other than prevent Roadkiller’s eyes from reflecting light. Once the light levels are increased, however, the lenses become polarized, preventing him from becoming dazzled while firing Glitter. Hey, neat, my eyes turn black when I blast your head off!

Thermite Charges- Rectangles of thermite material about 6x4x2, with a high temperature adhesive strip on one side. Inside is a reaction chamber containing pellets of potassium and a small amount of water, which are separated by a thin, but well-sealed wall of titanium. When the small exposed portion of the separation wall is pulled out, the potassium and water mix and react. This provides the thermite with an initial reaction to get started. Burn, baby, burn.

Computerized Ear Plugs- Decibel reduction to the umpteenth degree when ambient noise reaches the threshold for hearing damage, but amplification of sound quiet sounds. It’s the best that money can buy, and he’s still got bad hearing in his right ear after firing Happiness so much.

Med Kit- Caustics, gauze wrappings, alcohol-based disinfectant, morphine, a sterilized knife, small containers of bleach and nitric acid, and a godload of painkillers, all wrapped up into a small, watertight box. Also with a special concoction of stimulants. Sort of a ripoff from StarCraft StimPacks. MEDIC!

Computerized Headband and Visor- Operates as a one man communications station. The number of sensors packed into the headband are more than most scientific research stations have. He has objections, however, to having the information directly placed into his brain, so it is all displayed on the visor. The visor itself is a small transparent plastic piece that hangs down in front of his eye. It resembles something like a scouter from DragonBall Z. The visor's numbers are only visible to Roadkiller himself. It includes several other functions, such as magnificiation and a targeting recticle. There are actually quite a few of its components actually inside his head, allowing him to use most of its functions without any hand motion, though the connections between the internal and external components are not physical.

Other equipment also comes into play at times, but it is dependant on what is supplied by [CLASSIFIED] for the task. He has been known to resupply at [CLASSIFIED] when heavily outmatched in warthreads.

Likes: Killing, Lovecraftian horrors, morally corrupt individuals, butterscotch, most forms of alcohol, discord, chaos, killing. He’s really not a pleasant person.

Dislikes: Tea, demons, philosophy, politics, theology, history, intense discussions on any and all of the above, other Boardies who are generally righteous, Tamarron hitting on him and being told what to do.

Roadkiller is not a pleasant person in any vague sense of the word. Most of his history is locked up by [CLASSIFIED] and is unknown. It is known that he hates his captain and he states it quite often. It is also known that whenever he tries to do anything about it, the captain beats him bloody, usually unarmed. His twisted mind shows through in the naming of his favorite guns. “Who says money can’t buy Happiness?” and “Glitter fades with time, but these bullet holes last forever,” were the explanations given for the names.

Recently, Roadkiller has been shown to have split personalities. While all of the personalities are pretty much equally insane, they seem to be insane in different ways. When in his main personality, it seems that all of his personalities remember what he does, but when the offshoot personalities are in control, they can't seem to remember each other's actions. It appears that his most killing competent personality takes over in warthreads. In party threads and newbie greeting threads, however, his stealth abilities reach supernatural levels. This apparently allows for feats such as sneaking up on top of a newbies head without being noticed.

Apparently, he takes a one hour nap in the middle of the day nearly every day, too.

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