Roscoe Mathieu

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the bard and evil ficcer

Name: Roscoe Mathieu (otherwise known as Roscoe Mathieu-What-Mathieu-Gesundheit)

Alignment: Chaotic neutral to chaotic good, usually the latter. If it furthers freedom, beauty, truth, and that which he believes in above all things, love than he'll go against any foe to further it.

Appearance: 5'7, 110 pounds. Scrawny as a beanpole but when flexed has actual muscle tone. (no really! STOP LAUGHING, DAMN YOU!!!) Blue eyes, the beard growth of a 16 year old, long dark brown hair. Looks like an archetypical rockstar.

Age: 16

Background: One of the original members of the Evil Ficcer's Guild, Roscoe lives up to the title. His fics have been both sides of banned and his reputation as a lech is legendary, even though he's married Lily and more or less stopped with the affairs. Recently become "Political Officer" of the boards, and has made several enemies in its controlling echelons.

Personality: Optimistic, lecherous, brimming with barbs, trivia, and commentary. A hippie, boho, beatnik, and romantic. Always on the lookout for a new idea or a new project.

Abilities: Usual bardic powers of magic and so forth, plus a couple of Simon & Garfunkel tunes that drive men mad (and we mean stark raving...I dunno, do you LOVE your sister?). Also Evil Writer Powers, limited portalling and summoning to any world created in the human mind (from Wonderland to Oz to any one of the myriad of Sliders worlds) and summoning characters (usually his own, he can trust them if he hasn't abused them TOO badly). Can also summon the Marxes, although possession (usually of him) is necessary.

Weaponry: The recently-recovered-from-Sotheby's Horn of Harpo, a coat with access to Hammerspace, a rapier, a psychadelically colored space motorcycle called the Tales of Brave Ulysses, a positively ancient Moserite electric guitar, a notepad and pencil, a deck of poker cards and chips, a pair of Groucho glasses. RECENT UPDATE: Just acquired a clone by name of "Roz" in #crfh. The clone is just like Roscoe except mute. Naturally this limits his abilities as a bard, but he makes a MEAN rhythm guitarist!

Awarded Most Missed Oldbie award in 2008.

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