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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.

It should be noted, when dealing with Board prehistory, that very little is known from this period for the simple reason that no-one was present to record it. Numerous theories and creation myths have been presented to account for the Board's existence, but none have any actual physical proof to back them up. This document merely employs the views most widely held - in many periods records are fragmentary, missing, or destroyed in the Adversary Disaster, and given the standing prohibition on time travel or temporal disruption due to the potentially extreme side-effects, light is unlikely to be shed on these matters anytime soon.

Year Event
  • "Regional spiritual directorship" over humanity granted to as-yet-unknown individual. Assigns self identity of "Maritza".
  • Cairn of stones constructed on then-scrubland plain at AcancĂ©h, in the Yutacan peninsula. The area itself is unusually rich in ultradense metals, which were used in the construction of the earliest known Board buildings.
~ First Century AD
  • First catacombs and underground halls tunnelled out of Mohaborad Peak, in southern Tibet. Some form of disintegration method was apparently used, as the lowest levels contain traces of monatomic dust.
  • Earliest date of Board documentation, a bookmark found in the pages of a copy of The Prophecies of Mother Shipton, in the British Museum Library - it reads "thise woman badly nedes a profe-reeder".
  • First documented reference to Board assets in Mexico - repair logs following damage sustained during the ousting of Emperor Maximilian.
  • First logs of electronic communication - "TRC" - "Telegraph Relay Chat". These typed files were the first documents to be stored in the original Archives.
  • Date of surviving purchase records of prototype Krupp cannon deemed "unworkable" by terrestrial governments after demonstrations at the Great Exhibition. Attached armoury documents support theories that the weapon was thoroughly overhauled after purchase, suggesting heavy workshop equipment/abilities were available at the time.
  • Dates of "himi was here (and bored)" graffiti (discovered in Nordhausen Caverns), and "All your poppies are belong to us" graffiti (discovered in Himalayas, in poor Chinese).
  • Oldest known records of a duel thread - Tchernobyl censured an unknown entity for Godmoding.
  • First known BoardiePic, in Tahiti New Years' Celebrations.
  • First records of Board operation in United States - suppression action against "Simplified Spelling Board" - regarded by archivists of the time as a "really stupid potential name".
  • Recruitment of Doctor Nikolai Tesla on his "death" forms earliest known record of Weird Science.
  • First successful high-energy magic rituals performed in Tunguska, Siberia. Team involved are later lost the next year while trying to beat their own record.
  • First use of combat aircraft in Greco-Turkish war. Documents show rapid Board R&D efforts following extensive observation of the craft in action.
  • Recruitment of Graf Zeppelin by an individual identified as "head of Central European Operations" - one "Graf Eisenballen".
  • Founding of German Commerzbank in aftermath of Wall Street Crash. Beginnings of Board financial manipulation in Imperial Europe and, as immigration increased, the Americas.
  • Board intervention in ULTRA program leads to Allied "miraculous" cracking of ENIGMA codes.
  • Recruitment of Alan Turing forms oldest memories in earliest Board AI mainframes.
  • Hiroshima leads to shock among Boardies at levels of power in mundane world. R&D efforts firmly stepped up - internal power struggles between conservative magicians and "radical" advocates of technological progress begin.
  • Date of first construction requests for atomic materials. First Board nuclear tests occur later this year. Cover-ups blame Russia.
  • Sputnik launched, despite "mysterious perturbations in orbit". Board space program swiftly follows. Laika recruited later that year, the first step in an illustrious career that culminated in her directorship in 1973.
  • Board sponsorship of ARPANET begins, later flowering into the Information Age.
  • Release of infamous arthouse film "Yellow Submarine" - records show entire Speculation team reprimanded for "being too bloody obvious".
  • Comet "Kohoutek" enters solar system with twin tails, now widely recognised as first portent of the End Times. Correlation to events on Earth remains unknown.
  • Second known portent identified - mass blackouts paralyse many major western cities. Blackout later spreads to astral planes via unknown means - all known forms of divination performed in the Americas produce nought but the haunting sounds of a crying newborn baby, only to end on Christmas Day as abruptly as it began.
  • Proclamations by the Goddess in the wake of the events of the previous year trigger first Board mass recruitment drive. Although the fledgling organisation's list of potential children born in this period includes figures who will later be of extreme interest, they go unnoticed amid thousands of similar births.
  • Board recovery of the hulk of the wrecked Soviet submarine K-219 triggers the great nuclear arms race as Reaganism and fear over portents lead to massive nuclear buildup. Accident at hidden stockpiles in Sellafield lead to decommissioning of base there. The project is later abandoned as unworkable, leaving dozens of unused warheads rotting in storage facilities. Board assets later purchase remains of Woomera rocket-testing base in central Australia, for use as silos.
  • Chernobyl disaster. Subsequent Board investigations turn up nagging inconsistencies in evidence - missing or obviously falsified logs, nonsensical eyewitness reports, and - most worrying of all - signs of direct intervention by unknown forces capable of "making our reality rewrites look like Tip-Exx". Similar traces discovered at an accident at the USAF Ramstien base in 1988 cement Board fears that someone is deeply interested in nuclear facilities. Later investigation also uncovers missing NBC equipment, attempts by persons unknown to sabotage the SALT disarmament talks, and traces of quasi-occult tampering around several missile silos.
  • Launch of Hubble Space Telescope. Careful sabotage of the lens array prevents discovery of frantic Board efforts to move their own satellites into lower orbits.
  • Collapse of USSR ends concern over immediate WW3 - however, the subsequent haemorrhage of Soviet equipment onto the black market does nothing to assuage Board fears.
  • Hazel Green begins adopting a number of homeless children from urban ghettos in several major cities, announcing their "births" to the world at large over the next few years.
  • Board attention attracted to young girl in Georgian orphanage, due to sheer number of accidental deaths surrounding her. Intervention officially authorised when total lack of any form of birth records is discovered. Entire team reported MIA within six months.
  • Public inquiry into string of disappearances and gruesome murders in Maine forest ends with no results. Board interest attracted by wild rumours of werewolves in surrounding area.
  • First official occult suppression teams created after Speculation uncover what appear to be genuine instances of possession and successful occurrences of ritual summoning/binding. First formal warthreads created to train them.
  • Spectacular string of hostile takeovers and corporate buyouts of American aeronautics companies by old-money, Kentucky-based Green family. Board attention is attracted by a later defence contract scandal revealing the family have controlling interests in half the military suppliers of the Western hemisphere...and a number of Siberian seperatist movements long suspected of funneling nuclear material to terrorist outlets.
  • Correlation of long-term observation of Margaret Browning reveals a high school friend continually appearing in analysis material. Despite the extremely disturbing death rate continuing to surround her, this individual appears to survive everything such skewed probability throws at him. Speculation teams are dispatched to investigate...the first of many.
  • First known conviction of Marsha Hart (for aggravated assault).
  • Second public inquiry into a series of murders dubbed "copycat killings" of the earlier killing spree. Board reopens werewolf investigation, with minimal results.
  • Final correlation of "werewolf" research establishes link between murders and family constantly resident in areas of killings. Observation initiated on the family's twin children - temporarily suspended when both not only uncover surveillance teams, but reduce them to near-catatonia in barrage of obscure puns and trivia.
  • Board party visits travelling circus in Washington State. The potential significance of this event is not uncovered until much later.
  • Occult activities at all-time low worldwide. The calm before the storm...
  • The period Boardies would later refer to as "Year Zero" begins...
  • A bitterly cold winter ends with a Board US DOE data tap red-flagging the sudden application and immediate acceptance of no less than five current surveillance subjects into the same college. Analysis of the female candidates rapidly adds a sixth to the list - April Sommers.
  • Board attempts to bribe selection board to defuse the situation are rebuffed - investigation discovers selection board already bribed by Green front company!
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