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Fleetlogo.gif This page contains information copied or paraphrased from the OCD FLEET site.
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In the early days of the Board, a war raged between two cultish factions: D&B and D&M. At the height of their conflict, they threatened to tear the very fabric of the previously peaceful Board asunder, and it seemed as if the Goddess had turned Her back on Her followers. Then, from out of nowhere, came a porcupine with a dream of peace, a dream that he evangelised as much as possible and so drew many to his side, including numerous Oldbies who had grown tired of the constant warring. The Quills, as they were known, grew in strength until they were amongst the most powerful factions in the Board of the time. Then came disaster, in the form of Hell’s attack on Mohaborad, a force against which no reason could prevail. After that disaster, the Quills were shattered, Urban disappearing into the wilderness and the membership dwindling to a few hardcore members. Within the last few years, however, the Quills have had something of a renaissance, their leader emerging from the wilderness as mysteriously as he went, sending out a call for recruitment that brought the young and old of the Board flocking to his side. Cheerfully embracing the new era of the Board, the Quills reorganised itself, opening new departments and creating sub-bases in the Board’s outposts Comicside.

From its inception, the Quills have had a foundation in a set of core principles and beliefs, set out by its founder and adhered to by all members. Amongst the most fundamental of these is the belief in a balance of Order and Chaos; that though Chaos is naturally detrimental to any culture or organisation, too much Order can be a bad thing as well, suffocating free expression and the like. Other principles are more focussed on the organisation itself, such as its enforced neutrality and non-aggression policy, or its modus operandi of deployment only when an incident has been detected and they have been allowed to enter into negotiations or have been invited to do so.

In its latest incarnation, the Quills have drawn on the resources of their suddenly enlarged numbers, and diversified into a number of different sub-departments. Prominent amongst these is the new R&D section, which has taken advantage of the vast resources of their new home base on the Funky Horror and the influx of new Quills, who tend to be quiet and studious in disposition, to set up a number of research laboratories, producing non-lethal “peace weapons” and improving or inventing new means of communication and translation. Alongside it works the Medical department, seemingly a useless appendage, as the Board solution for anything crippling tends to be a painless death and a quick spin through the RESPAWN system. However, in the past few years, Diabolic and other, similarly aligned forces have begun the development of diseases and afflictions which remain beyond death and require more specialised treatments, which the Quills are happy to assist in the procurement of. More specialised are the PR and Militant departments, the former of which was set up to handle the sudden influx of Boardies after Urban returned and deal with requests for aid. The latter is mostly made up of those Quills who appreciate the fine art of Warthreading and are generally only called upon if the Quills as an organisation come under attack. Aside from this, all Quills are, at base, mediators, no matter what department they belong to.

The new resources provided by the now-global span of the Board’s activities have meant that the Quills have been able to set up outposts in most of the Board’s bases on the face of the planet. In each, their work is subtly altered by circumstance. The Quills hut in the base in the ruins of Mohaborad, for example, serves to keep an eye on the tensions that might grow due to the wyrdness of the place and its proximity to the site of so many major battles and rivalries, both before the fall and during it. On Nemo, the few that are willing to do so attempt to soothe the hostility between the Green workers and the Board. In the subterranean warrens of London, it is the suspicion between the proponents of Old Magic and New Tech that provoke problems. Throughout all this, the Quills retain their core duties of mediation and negotiation, wherever in the world they are sent.

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