The Resourcerer

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Metaphysical manifestation

The Resourcerer doesn't really exist. Or, well, he (?) exists about as much as the universe does, being fundamentally attuned to it like some kind of Neo character from The Matrix. Some say he's a manifestation of the universe itself, 'sentient space;' he is never usually around long enough for you to ask, though.

Appearance: Usually a human male of some sort, though exact appearance and attire tend to vary to be whatever would be funniest at the time. The universe has a great sense of humour.

Weapons: Occasionally he'll actually arrive *with* something upon manifestation, but more often than not he'll just use what he can find. He's fairly resourceful when it comes to putting everyday objects to unorthodox uses.

Magic: Not really 'magic' per se, but an innate ability to manipulate space-time which can allow for pretty much anything. Small-scale stuff (like removing a wall or stopping bullets) is more likely than large-scale stuff (like turning the bridge of the Funky Horror into a Spanish Restaurant), mainly because the bigger the action the larger the impact on the universe and thus the more pain it does to The Resourcerer himself.

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