Till Death Do Its Part

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The Wedding of Edward_Tohr and Roadkiller

There are a great many events that have been talked about on the Board. The great Post Explosion of March '08, the other great Post Explosion of April '08, even the almost great Post Explosion of May '08. There have been sly references to GLASSES!, the Most Romantic Couple, The birth of Chartreuse... but no topic has ever been as remembered or planned for as much the wedding of Edward Tohr and Roadkiller.

What began as a misspoken comment by Ed's Dude Behind the Keyboard quickly became a silly idea... which gradually became the travesty of all things holy that it wound up being, made even more ironic by the fact that Voice was the one officiating the wedding. It was held in Moxz0rz's, with Ed (in female form) as the bride, Roadkiller as the groom, and Keaira and The Captain as the Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively. Stardrake's copper dragonling was the ringbearer, and Chartreuse performed the dubious honor of giving the bride away.

The ceremony concluded with a large-scale food fight with magical cake.

The couple has been talking about a divorce since before the marriage even took place. It has yet to happen.

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