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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
Magic Harp.png Celtic Minstrel The Other Resident Boardie Sysop
NightStar / #crfh: celticminstrel
Boardie Since: Feb 14, 2008
Also Known As: CelMin, cmca87


Favorite Color:


My Characters

I have five characters who appear on the Board.

  • Stefan, a bard from a "Pentalith" class world
  • Sam, a martial artist from a "Qi" world
  • Gragak, a gremlin who is probably from the same world as the Board
  • Iris, a mage from a "Pentalith" class world who is not really a member of the Board.
  • Purnima, who is from the same world as Iris.

Stefan's Instruments

  • [1]His harp would be something along the lines of this. It must be this style, because some of his spells involve rapping on the back. However, it would probably be a bit differently shaped.
  • [2]His pennywhistle.
  • [3]His harmonica, because it's the one I have.
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