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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
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CRFH Boardies Website Maintainer
NightStar / #crfh: Locoluis
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Also Known As: Orbita, Yamaneko





Program (mostly under Linux), doodle, read websites, collect floppy disks, bike, take photographs...

Favorite Food:

Mostly salads. Avocado, tomato, cabbage, broccoli... anything that's not spicy. Oh, and waffles. I love waffles.

Favorite Color:

White and Blue

Favorite Sport:

Soccer, Martial Arts (not seriously), Jogging, Biking.

Most Important:

Computer, loads of scribbles and doodles, data CD backups.


Warthreads, porn, doing things in a hurry.


Computer programmer and college student.

My name is Luis Gonzalez. I'm a computer programmer from Chile. I knew about CRFH in November 1999, but I became a regular reader in April 2000. I'm currently semi-retired from the boards, just popping up from time to time due to time constraints (I still can be found during most weekdays on #crfh).

The latest picture of me was taken around March 2004, and is at [1]

Here's a newer one:

I'm also hosting the CRFH Boardies Website at my employer's webserver. I used to be a fanartist / boardieartist, but I haven't done anything for CRFH in many years.

I created a new webcomic in November 2007: SueƱos del Sur (in English, Spanish and Mapudungun), an unauthorized biography of a family from south-central Chile.

My PFF Profile.

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