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Personal CRFH Boardie Card
User-Tamarron.jpg Tamarron Currently Title-less
CRFH Board Id:
Gender male.png
NightStar / #crfh: Tamarron
Boardie Since: Lurking since 2003
Also Known As: The Procrastinator
Gettysburg, PA
August, 1988
US of A]
Hobbies: Pretty much everything
Favorite Food:
The Most Sexy Woman in the World Shirley Manson
Favorite Sport: Skiing, Varied Martial Arts (I've done too many)
Most Important: Love and Life
Dislikes: Tyranny, Dentist Appointments
Occupation: Student/Psychopath

As of yet, I am a pretty unsuccessful boardie, both in the real world and the board. I have approximately three notebooks full of notes for six different PFFs I'd like to write, none of which are near completion. Most of my projects go the way of the storage facility. However now and then I finish something and it's halfway decent.
Tamarron the character is one of my oldest and favorite Role Playing Characters, and has survived more dungeons and dragons than he has any right to. His current incarnation is based on his very first template that I made for him in a GURPS campaign. He is a very old and versatile character which is why I enjoy playing him in a world as expansive and inclusive as the board. And as one of my first characters, he is enough of a Mary Jane to connect him to me.
As for myself, I'm a college student at Gettysburg College, struggling to find my place in a world that never seems to agree with itself. You can contact me at Brindalin at

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