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Artist's impression of Voice (accuracy disputed)

  • Player: Voice
  • Name: CLASSIFIED:SERAPHIC LEVEL OPERATIVE. (VOD Callsign is Alaminus, standard name is simply 'Voice')
  • Species or Race: Nano-Augmented Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 165 lbs
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Occupation: Agent of the Vatican Operations Directorate, VOD/Board Liason
  • Alignment: Refuses to use such descriptions, has been referred to as Lawful Good by other Boardies
  • Characteristic quote: "Dominus Deus Sabbaoth!"
  • Strengths: Elite special operations Agent, nano-augmentations allow multiple enhancements for combat and stealth, can accomplish literally miraculous feats, such as bilocation or walking on water, has access to Angelic Form, which grants him powers and abilities consistent with a high-level Seraphim, though he does not posess immortality in this form. His weaknessess are few: when fighting using solely human/augmented abilities, he can be thrown off by EMP weapons draining his bioelectric energy and nullifying his augmentations. Opponents with heavy armor or some other means of resisting standard physical attacks may pose more of a threat to him. In angelic form, only heavy magic or massively high-yield weaponry will cause damage to him, though if he dies in this form, Voice will be disoriented for a few moments after returning to nonangelic human form. Regardless of his power, his primary weakness against unscrupulous foes is simply his code of honor and his morality. He refuses to use tactics he considers dishonorable, and shows a high willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. A skilled and manipulative opponent may be able to use this against him.
  • Special Powers and Skills: Nano-Augs grant hacking, cloaking, silencing, speed, recon drone, targeting, underwater, energy shielding, ballistic shielding, upgraded strength, and toxin resistance abilities. Also trained in special operations tactics, and highly skilled with most human and angelic weaponry.
  • Weaponry: Has access to the VOD arsenal, typically uses either a standard or sniperized SG 550, twin custom pistols, his blessed nanosword, and several Light of Sinai flashbang/heat grenades. The standard SG 550 typically has an underslung grenade launcher with a maximum of five grenades, and can also be adapted to fire LOS rounds.
  • Equipment: Relies on augmentations for most standard armor and vision upgrades. Has the Infolink system allowing instant communication with the Directorate, and any nearby characters with access to electronic communications.
  • Likes: Chai tea, everything bagels, philosophy, politics, theology, history, intense discussions on any and all of the above, other Boardies who are generally righteous. Strongly attracted to Keaira.
  • Dislikes: Demons, Lovecraftian horrors, morally corrupt individuals, butterscotch, most forms of alcohol, Tamarron hitting on him.

Early History: Voice's parents were elite operatives of the VOD who died on a mission when he was less than year old. He was raised in Rome by a saintly priest, and his best childhood friends were the five Vatican Sisters (Serenity, Tranquility, Purity, Clarity, and Harmony, in order of age). These six were raised to join the Directorate as its first Agents of the new generation. A Roman youth, named Tony, joined them after Voice and the Sisters rescued him from a local gang.

During his training as a Seraphim Commando of the VOD, Voice became increasingly arrogant, and alienated his friends. Eventually, he was challenged to a duel by the demon Abbadon, and after he foolishly agreed to the terms, he was beaten and nearly killed. Only the intervention of the Sisters and Tony saved him, and they were cast out of the mortal plane by the frustrated and banished demon. Voice was expelled from the Directorate, declared "Wingless" by the Commandoes, and promptly left Rome to search for his lost friends.

In the years of searching, he became increasingly cynical, until he had lost all hope of finding the lost ones and resigned himself to death. He was rescued by the woman he would come to love: Andrea. They journeyed together, hunting demons and fighting the evil Voice still hated, despite how close he had come to it. In their last, greatest fight, Andrea was killed, and Voice saw her soul rise with the wings of an angel, and she spoke to him one last time, telling him that she was sent from heaven to redeem him, and that he had to return to Rome, and the Directorate.

Voice obeyed, and was readmitted to the VOD. After retraining, he volunteered for the new nanoaugmentation program, becoming the first Nano-Augmented Agent of the Directorate. His VOD callsign, chosen to keep him humble, is Alaminus: the Latin for "Wingless".

Current Status: The organization known as the Vatican Operations Directorate existed for centuries without the Board being especially concerned about it. It was only recently (starting largely during the early part of the 20th century) that the Directorate truly became a globally capable power. Recent events lead to the Pope revealing his knowledge of certain Board members (the Board found it convenient to work with religious leaders), and the Directorate arranged a meeting. A formal alliance was drawn up, and Voice, as the most powerful VOD Agent, was chosen as official Board/VOD Liason.

Since his arrival at the Board, Voice has been part of several actions, including his duel with [CLASSIFIED]'s assassin, Roadkiller. The unexpected conclusion of this encounter left both with residual memories of the other, and brought about an ongoing operation to rescue Voice's lost friends. Further details are THIS INFORMATION IS CLASSIFIED: DETAILS PERTAIN TO IN-PROGRESS MISSION.

For a serious, purposeful Agent, Voice has been involved in several...dubious...incidents while serving with the Board, including "GLASSES!". Rumors that he was also associated with the revelations regarding the existence of the FAJBC are not considered trustworthy.

It is Voice's relationship with Keaira, however, that has garnered the most attention, with Boardies considering them the #1 Romantic Pairing on the Board. Recently, Voice officially asked Keaira if she would be his girlfriend, a proposal which despite his overdramatic manner was accepted. The two are now dating.

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