Voira Lonan

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Voira, In Moxzorz's

  • Player: SereneChaos & Voice
  • Name: Voira Lonan
  • Species or Race: 3/4th Human 1/4th Faerie
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 16(upon first introduction)
  • Height: 5'0
  • Weight: 110
  • Hair color: Brown, long and naturally curly
  • Eye color: In any form her eyes are dark brown.When she feels a strong emotion or is using her powers they turn a reflective silver color.
  • Occupation: She is currently being taught at VOD schools as well as training to be a "Special Contractor" for the Directorate.
  • Strengths: Strengths:She is incredibly intelligent.She can do things at an incredibly advanced level for her age. She has been in martial arts and military training almost as long as she could walk. Her faith is a great strength for her, generally being what she falls back on when things try to defeat her.

Weaknesses:She is very headstrong and incredibly intelligent. This combination makes her a very rash person and she tends to want to do things well before she is mentally and physically ready to take them on. Voice's knack for being quick to prove himself is amplified by the fae blood that runs through her. It's caused the VOD to hold off on allowing her to move faster in her training, in order to keep her from making her father's mistakes.

  • Special Powers and Skills: TBD
  • Weaponry: TBD

Appearance:Voira inherited her mother's long curly brown hair and her father's brown eyes. Like her mother her eyes change color with emotion or spell work. She is still growing and stands 5'0" 110 lbs at sixteen years of age. Her colors tend towards Silver and Black. When she's not doing VOD training she is seen wearing black boots, blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a long black jacket. She trades off between silver mirrored sun glasses and her purple framed reading glasses.

Early Background: to be completed later

Recently: to be completed later

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