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  • Player: SereneChaos
  • Name: Alan Mozart Finnegan, Zari for short. Has been known to answer to "Z"
  • Species or Race: Human/Tiger(shapeshifter)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 180
  • Hair color: white, silver at times, not quite shoulder length, almost always messy.
  • Eye color: blue
  • Occupation: Stage show in Vegas, normally.
  • Alignment: Does annoying little brother count?
  • Characteristic quote: ""Gotta please the audience.""
  • Strengths: Spells, working with animals, slight of hand work. He's also able to work long periods of time in arctic weather.
  • Weaponry: He'll carry and use what he's given, other wise he relies on his magic both in and out of Tiger form.
  • Equipment: He almost always has a "magic wand" on him even though the thing means nothing.
  • Likes: Animals(esp big cats), tricks, jokes, showing off, chasing his tail, scritches, teasing Keaira.
  • Dislikes: being territorial, people that are uptight, not being allowed to shift.

Appearance: Zari is most often in his Human form. He looks no different from any human, aside from strange silvery white hair and the "something" about his ice blue eyes. He is most comfortable in his partially transformed state, his tail and striped skin showing off he's no typical Human. He generally wears any combination of white, black, grey and silver.

Early Years: Alan grew up in Las Vegas, in a family of stage magicians. His father and mother had an act together for years before either Alan or his oldest sister were born. His family had the ability to actually perform the tricks that other "magicians" did by using misdirection and slight of hand. When he was about 8 years old, he had to be removed from school and home schooled. An older student had been performing slight of hand card tricks for a school wide talent show. Being so excited to see another mage, Alan ran up to the boy after the show with a bright glint in his eyes and blurted " So you're magic too?!?" As the two showed off their array of tricks, the older student noticed that the young one wasn't using any sort of misdirection. When he tried to show Alan the "trick" Alan laughed and began to argue that there was no reason to trick people when you could really make the cards disappear. To prove his point when the elder student fought him, Alan levitated a few inches off the ground. The "magician" screamed and fainted, and Alan was promptly dismissed from school with "Mental instability, an over active imagination and a penchant for lying in order to torment the other children."

Being home schooled allowed for Alan to work more closely with his parents on their magic show, a chance his sister never had. During a break one day he had wandered over to where another magician was working on an act with tigers. Before anyone could stop him, he'd walked straight up to the un-caged tiger and sat down a few inches from it. His father held off both the panicked mother and the other magician, so he could see what the young boy would do. Within mere moments the child of 10 was able to turn a growling territorial tiger into a purring pile of putty. His father explained that a few members of the family were gifted with the ability to converse with animals, the type of animal being unique to each of those members. From that moment on Alan became an apprentice and stage hand for the magician with the tigers, a choice that would eventually alter his life.

Middle Years: It wasn't until an accident, the details of which are still sketchy, that Alan became a half tiger. Having turned 16 two years prior, Alan had his own part in the show; he had become the head tiger handler and he had an act with his favorite, Mozart. During a practice run, something went amiss and both Alan and Mozart went missing for a short period of time. When they returned, it was as one being. From that point on the name Alan was only used by people who'd known him before the accident. He became Mozart Finnegan, and used the nickname Zari more commonly. The following three years found him on stage in a number of capacities. Once he mastered his transformations, he would do both his own act with a new tiger, and he would act as the trained tiger for his mentor's act.

At the age of 21 he decided that he wanted to head to college and attempt the military. His new reflexes and physical abilities made the military an easy option. It was during his time in AFROTC where he met and befriended Keaira. For the first two years of school he hid his talent from everyone but his best friend, and he never knew what she was. In his second year, he completed training, but after an attack on both himself and Keaira, he lost his temper and moved to his half form. He was promptly removed from the military, but was able to lie to the university to finish up for his degree.

More Recently: After finishing up school, he returned to the stage while searching for another job. He received a call from Keaira asking him to join her for the Board's attempt at reclaiming Mohaborad and he jumped at the chance to go back into combat.

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